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Yeah, yeah, I know - how stupid of me

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Yeah, yeah, I know - how stupid of me. But I didn't do any research on piercings and just decided to get my eyebrow done on the spur of the moment. So I called a few places, not many do body piercings here, and being the thrifty person I am, went for the cheapest one. It was a hair/manicure type place.

So I got there and the chick said she was going to do it with a gun, so pick out the stud and all that. Now I've had my ears done 20 times or so with a gun so I had no fear of it, and thought it was fine. In the back of my mind I was thinking...aren't you supposed to use a needle or something? And she was one of those hair-dresser types with the really big hair and really long nails, which made me kind of nervous. I was wondering if she really had any clue what she was doing. But I was there and she assured me that it would be fine - they used the gun on eyebrows and navels all the time. So she pierced my eyebrow, I paid and went on my way to the mall to buy a barbell. When I got there the girl in the store was shocked that I had gotten my eyebrow done with a gun and called a tattoo/body piercing place right away for me. She said that it was totally wrong to get any piercings done with a gun anymore and I should get it out right away before it got infected. Luckily the place she called, Eye of the Needle (in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), was great and said I could come right over. So I drove over and waited for about half and hour since they were really busy and only had one piercer. They squeezed me in between a tongue and a navel, thinking it would only take a minute to change it over.

Toni, the piercer was really nice. She explained why I should never get anything done with a gun and how you were supposed to pierce people.

You can't sterilize a piercing gun properly in the autoclave and with a stud you can't clean your piercing good enough either. Both things I didn't know. Then she had me breathe in the scent of these oils to relax me...lavender and yling ylang ( don't know if I spelt that right ), and I laid down on the doctor-type table/bench thing. Then she apologized before she even started working on me for any pain that she might cause. She said it would have been virtually painless if I would have just got it done with a needle the first time, but now she had to pull the stud apart which is hard and try to squeeze a ring through.

The stud came off easily, no pain at all. Then she tried putting a 16 gauge ring through the hole but it wouldn't even go in. It didn't hurt, just felt kinda weird and I thought it was going in. Tried an 18 gauge, but that didn't get much further. The stud isn't a consistent width all the way through, one end is bigger and then it gets all wavy like where the bar fits into the back, you know? Anyways, so we just ended up re-piercing it the right way - the right way being the clamp/needle deal. By then I think my whole face was in shock or something, because I wasn't feeling anything. I was there for almost half an hour for a like 10 minute piercing and was feeling like a real idiot. I was so grateful that Toni was so patient and nice about the whole thing. So my little piercing whim ended up taking about 2 hours, from the first piercing to the last, and my eyebrow ended up being kinda swollen from all the trauma. It also came out costing me about twice as much, even though Toni gave me a break on the re-piercing charge. But I'm an amazingly fast healer, and the eyebrow healed up real nice in about 2 weeks.

No problems and I got the ring changed for a barbell after a month when I went in to get my tongue pierced. So the moral of this whole story is never, ever go for the cheaper route and settle for a piercing gun - you can get diseases from improper sterilization and it ends up costing you more in the end to get it re-done the right way. Do your research before you pierce and make sure the place you chose does everything the right way. Toni was excellent, used aromatherapy and breathing to pierce and explained the whole procedure before she did anything...I would (and have) definitely recommend Eye of the Needle to anyone.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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