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My Piercing Experiences

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/04-eyebrow/990501/myeyeetc.html"> I first got interested in piercing since I was about...well lets just say that I've been interested in them for as long as I can remember, but what really got my attention was when I saw some guy in our local mall with big hole in his ears (I later found out that it was called stretching your ear). So ever since that day I wanted to do it.

So the next week I asked my mom if I could get my ears

pierced and she said "yeah" so I went to a local hair salon that pierced ears also. I was a little bit nerves seeing how this was my first piercing. As the lady got all of the stuff out I carefully watched her to see if what she was doing was correct and all. So the time came for her to put the gun up to my ear, I clenched the chair arm and then I heard a loud "POP" noise and a slight burning in my ear. It really didn't hurt that bad so I waited for her to do the same procedures for the other ear. When she was finally done I gave her the money and out I walked with my new piercing.

About 2 weeks after that I returned to the same place to

get my upper cartilage pierced on both sides. Again the lady took out all of her stuff and prepared it. She gave me a mirror and put a black mark on each of my ears and asked if they looked straight. I said yeah and she got the gun and placed it on my ear. This time I decided to be a "man" about it and not hold on to the chair. The lady told me that she was gonna pierce it now and pulled the trigger. I sorta tensed up but it actually felt good (from then on all of my piercing that I got have felt REALLY good and I actually enjoy getting pierced). She pierced my other ear and I gave her the money and walked out.

The next few days my new piercing had some puss come out so

I put on my ear care solution and everything was fine after that. While I was sitting at home bored off of my ass I decided to go on-line and look up some info. on piercing. One site caught my attention, it was entitled "Piercing Guns, Why There Harmful" so I checked it out and I found out that guns are really bad for getting piercing. So I decided that I wont get anymore done with a gun and instead go to a Tattoo/Piercing shop instead. (I didn't go there in the first place 'cause they cost to much but I later)

About a month after I asked my mom if I could get another

piercing but this time I wanted my nose done. God did she scream, "I aint letting you get a ring in your nose thats disgusting,' so seeing how she wasn't gonna sign the papers for me to get it done I decided to do it myself. I went and got her sewing kit and took out a needle about the size of a 14ga and sterilized it. I then found a good ring and some ice to numb my nose. I went up into my bedroom and put the ice on my nose till it felt pretty numb, then I put on some music and began to shove the needle through my nose. it hurt at first but once I got to about the middle of my nose I couldn't feel it anymore. So I took a little break and had a chew. A few minutes later I shoved the needle through my nose and a little bit of blood trickled out. I grabbed the ear ring and stuck it through and I was done. It looked really good, but of course my mom freaked out on me, nothing new!!!

The following month I decided that I wanted to get my nose

and eyebrow pierced so I asked my mom and she once again screamed and said no. So for the next few days I kept bugging her and finally she gave in and signed the papers saying that I could get it done. the next day I went down to Daves Wicked Ink to get it done. When I walked in I was greeted by a few of the workers and the guy that was gonna pierce me took me into the room where the piercing were done. We talked a little bit and I found out that his nick name was Porky. As he took out all of the shit that he needed I noticed that instead of a gun he used a needle that was hollow. We first decided that we were gonna do my eyebrow first. So he marked the spot and took out some tongs and clamped 'em down. He told me when he was gonna do it and I was expecting to feel it but the next thing I knew he was already done and started to prepare for my tongue. He used all new stuff that was sterilized in some sort of machine. We then talked about my tongue piercing and my aftercare instructions while he marked the spot on my tongue. Again he used a pair of tongs on my tongue and told me that this might hurt a little bit. As he stuck the needle through it didn't hurt at all but was more of a pleasurable feeling. I stayed for a little bit and talked to him as good as I could do to the fact that my tongue had swollen up. I gave him the money and we left the shop and went home.

The next few days were hell, not because of pain (there

wasn't any) but because my tongue was so swollen. All I had to eat was popsicles, ice-cream and juice, plus I couldn't have a chew for like 3 days which REALLY sucked, but after that it was all good.

A few weeks later I went back to Daves to get my ears

stretched out to a 2ga and to also get my inner conches done on both sides. I plan on going back to get my ears stretched out to a 00ga and, my nipples done, but until then I'm pretty happy with the way my other piercing look, and I cant wait to get some more!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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