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Eyebrow piercing...

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I am an 19 year old college guy, and I have been interested in piercings for quite some time. When I was eleven, I pierced my ear, but I hid it from everyone except my cousin. Two years later, when I was playing around with the the safety pin, I pierced my nostril, but only kept it in for an hour or so. At fourteen, I pierced both of my nipples and my navel in one sitting, and I even kept safety pins in them in for about two weeks until I became worried that they might get ripped out. Looking back, I realize that I was stupid to do all of these myself, with only an earring or a safety pin, and with no idea about sterilization.

At sixteen, I got a cartilage piercing and two lobe piercings, all in my left ear, and I managed to wear them for a few months, until my stage work began to interfere. Yes, I am aware, that it sounds pretentious. What happened is that I was not allowed to wear the earrings on stage, and so I took them out, and lost them, and thereafter I questioned the use of keeping them in.

So I wore no piercings until my second (and current year of college). On a trip to Los Angeles, I got both ears pierced, and it looked pretty good. After two months, I decided I wanted more. So I got my tongue pierced. Two months later, I decided it was time to get something else pierced. Since I was already in Seattle with a friend, I made up my mind to go to the piercing shop. The funny thing was, I had no idea what I wanted pierced; I considered the nipples, and industrial, the nostril, the septum, a labret, and a bridge piercing before finally settling upon the eyebrow, minutes before I entered Greenlake Piercing, where I got my tongue pierced.

So I walked in, and told the clerk I wanted my eyebrow pierced. She asked me which jewelry I wanted; I chose a ring. She said my eyebrows were fairly thick, and I should start with a 14 gauge ring. I agreed and picked out a steel ring with a hematite ball, and my friend and I sat down to wait. Ten minutes later, we were escorted into the back of the shop, to the same room where I had previously gotten my tongue pierced. Dave, the piercer, greeted me, and asked me which eyebrow I wanted pierced.

Which eyebrow?!

I hadn't thought of that. Which eyebrow? I looked at my friend, and she said the left was what she saw more often. I asked the piercer, and he said both were equally common, and it did not really matter. Why then, was such an inane decision confusing the hell out of me?

Mentally, I flipped a coin, and it landed on its edge... no heads, no tails.

"LEFT! I want the left one pierced. No. Right! Definitely right.... no on second thought, left. The left eyebrow."

The piercer asked me if I was sure, and I said I was sure. So he put on the latex gloves and held a straight stick up to my nose, perpendicular to the eyes. Then, he tilted it to the edge of my left eye, and made two marks, according to the angle of the stick. He told me to look at the marks in the mirror, to see if those were correct, and I looked and said they were fine.

I went back to the table, and he told me to lay down and close my eyes. I did so, and he told me to take a few deep breaths. After taking them, he changed his gloves, and told me he would put his hand on my forehead to brace himself. He then told me to inhale, and then to exhale. He planned it in such a way that he would pierce as I exhaled, but the timing went wrong, and he ended up piercing at the bottom of my breath. It hurt like hell. I winced, and he asked me if I was okay. I said I was, and he pulled the ring through, and closed it. He told me that it was larger than most because the wider curve would facilitate healing. I sat up, and I felt light-headed. Again, he asked me if I was okay, and I said yes, with a small amount of satisfaction that I had went through with it. He gave me cleaning instructions, but I wasn't really listening (my friend was, and she went over them with me later). I walked out of the store, half-dazed, and sat down in the truck. I told me friend I was about to pass out, and that it hurt and that I was surprised because the tongue did not hurt at all. I also told her I was thankful that I would be able to eat afterwards; with the tongue, I did not eat anything solid for about three days. I have since recovered.

On the way home, I was pleased with myself, and there was very little pain afterwards... maybe to the extent of a freshly popped pimple. I was set, and now, I have but one worry:

What will I pierce next?

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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