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My Eyebrow Piercing at Cliffs Tattoos and Body Piercing Shop In Patchouge Long Island

Well i have been wanting a piercing for sometime now, and was hooked on tongue for a while, but never got it done because according to my parents i was too young, but a year later I decided to get something pierced, but tongue was to mainstream. So I decided that i would get my eyebrow pierced.

Tues 2/9/99 - Off to the piercer i go to pick up my consent form (which had to be notarized before piercing (one thing i dont agree with).

Wed 2/10/99 - My friend comes to my house to pick me up, we go get the letter notarized at Mail Boxes etc., then we head over to the piercing and tattoo place. When we got there, i was sooo nervous that i could hardly talk(I dont like needles at all). When I told the lady behind the desk what I wanted, I realized that I forgot to make an appointment. But that was no problem, then she made a little motion to the guy and he put the gloves on and told me "step into his office", so I nervously did, with my friend close behind. He politly told my friend that he was not aloud back there. After that, he had me sit in a chair that was very comfortable I might add and he put two marks on my eyebrow, and asked me to look in the mirror to make sure the entry and exit points were o.k. I did and it was fine, he then took out the package with the needle and ring in it (explaining to me that the bag was sealed and everything was sterile).. he rubbed my eyebrow and the needle with some kind of lotion or something, then he put the lotion on his glove and put the needle in it, put the clamp on (at this poitn I felt the tip of the needle resting on my eyebrow),then he told me to count to three. 1 2 3 and nothing at all, but the needle was in, i felt no pain, no stick, just the presence of something there.. He left the needle in for a few seconds while he preped the ring and then he put it in which was also painless. he had me look in the mirror and it looked AWESOME!!.. Then he told me how to take care of it (bactine 2 times a day and soak it for 5 minutes before each cleaning) and asked me if I was ok. I paid him, said thanx and left. My Friend Loved it, and he wanted one.

Thurs 2/11/99 - Waking up that morning was easy since I had been up all night worrying about hitting it, but i never did, so i got up for school 20 minutes early, put a warm wet cloth over it for 5 minutes and then put bactine on the holes and the ring then rotated it (just like he instructed). Again absolutely no pain. And none of that "ooze" or blood he told me to expect.

Fri 2/12/99 - That morning was just as easy as the day before, maybe even a little easier considering I did have to get up as early and I had a better night sleep. Then I got to school and noticed that someone else had it done, whe I asked them why they got it, they said they liked it on me. Which was kinda good and kinda bad. But the rest of that day was great and I got a lot more compliments on it. That night I cleaned it just as I was supposed to and everything was great except for a little noticed redness and a small amount of sweeling, but I think that's because I kept touching it.

Everything went fine that whole week, and everybody loved it, in fact i got so comfortable with it i started playin with it, but that was a big mistake because it got infected. But the infection was no big deal I just cleaned it 3 times a day instead of 2 and it went away no problem, I knew I was hooked and wanted to get my labret pierced....

Saturday April 3rd - Its great, no infection, no problem, and Im goin to get my labret pierced in a week, Im also thinking about getting an industrial (ear cartilage). I cant wait, I think Im hooked!

Well I would reccomend getting it done to anybody that wanted it, AND GO TO CLIFF'S Their GREAT (Patchouge Long Island)...

If you have any more questions about my piercing contact me at [email protected], anything else about piercing I have no clue what im talking bout so contact BME (the best Body Modification E-Zine out there)



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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