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eyebrow piercing and a few cartwheels

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About 7 months ago I got my first non-lobe piercing...my eyebrow. When I went to get this piercing, the only thing I knew about it was that it probably wouldn't hurt too much (I knew this because of the experiences I had read on BME). I'd never heard of migration, didn't know what kind of jewelry was appropriate for this pierce, etc. I wish I had done more research.

So, when I turned 17, I finally was able to convince my mother to take me to get my eyebrow pierced (in Maryland and the DC area, places are pretty sctrict about age). I was made to promise that I would never ever get anything else besides my ears pierced (though that does give me many many options).

We searched and searched for a place that would pierce a minor with parental consent. We called about a half a dozen places and they said there was absolutely no way they would pierce me until I turned 18. My mom and I both thought that was crazy because I was only a year too young and she was willing to sign for me. When we were almost ready to give up, my mom called a place called Wanderer's Ink and talked to a very loverly woman who had two shops. One was in her home, and that was closer to us, so we decided to go there. We made an appointment for later that night and I could barely sit still, I was so excited.

So, we headed off to the piercing place....At the time, I thought the place was very clean and everything was done as hygenically as it could have been. But in hindsight, I think not. I never saw an autoclave (though the needle was in a disposable package), the piercer only wore one pair of gloves and never changed them (even after he dropped a paper towel and picked it up off the ground), and he did not show me where he was going to pierce me and ask if it was ok. (Luckily, I was happy with the placement. I could have had a horror story on my hands.) Also, he did not give me a choice about the jewelry I wanted. I was hoping for a colored bead or something, but he didn't even show me what he was putting in my eyebrow. I, not being too assertive, did not speak up about this though. I just went along with this, thinking, "I am sure he knows what he's doing."

He cleaned my eyebrow off and then made sure I had eaten recently. So then he clamped my eyebrow and stuck the needle through. Really, I must say, there was no pain. My heart was beating a mile a minute and I felt like I was floating. I felt a bit of tugging when he inserted a 12ga. CBR (which i realize is entirely too heavy for an eyebrow pierce but did not know that at the time) but no real discomfort. I looked over at the mirror and fell in love with my face. I thought the piercing made me look absolutely georgeous. My mom of course hated it, but I paid my $40 and my piercer gave me instructions on cleaning.

We went out to dinner after that and I kept telling my mom everyone was staring at my eyebrow but she said I was crazy. It was be coming a bit tender, but I couldn't stop touching it (my piercer actually told me to turn it all the time!!! he did not take into accout my hands have millions of germs on them and this is bad bad bad).

I talked to a different piercing friend, and he told me more clear instructions on cleaning this pierce. I cleaned it with Dial soap 2 times a day and 3 times a day I put on bactine. There was a lot of drying around that area and a couple of weeks after I had the pierce, I developed a bruise next to my eyebrow which faded within 2 days.

For Christmas I got a new eyebrow ring...a pretty braided, niobium one that was 14ga. But when I tried to put it in, I could not get the bead out of the old one. So I called my piercer and made an appointment so he could get it out. When I went there, he told me he would not put it in my eyebrow because he didn't believe in using niobium in piercings. I almost started crying, but I controlled myself. So then, as a spur of the moment type of thing, I asked my if he could do a labret piercing. He said sure! He didn't ask for my ID or anything (if he had have, he would have seen I was still quite underage). He did that piercing and it hurt considerably more than my eyebrow, but he actually told me to clean it the same as I had my eyebrow. All of these things combined cemented the fact in my head that Wanderer's Ink is really no good and that I should never go back there.

About 5 months after having the pierce, i heard of this thing called migration, when the body rejects the jewelry over time. I of course was completely in denial, this will not happen to me, etc, but then I started getting paranoid about the weight of my CBR, so I purchased a 14ga. barbell, thinking this would prevent migration. I finally was able to get the bead out of my ring, and got the barbell in myself. Well, about 2 months after putting in the barbell, the pierce migrated so much the barbell was just kinda hanging there. So, I finally faced facts and took it out. The holes seem to be fading pretty quickly. Luckily I now have a labret and 2ga lobes, so I still have these to make me happy.

I would say that eyebrow piercings are very easy, but if you're looking for a long-term piercing, this probably isn't the one for you. But they look great on most everybody and are nice to have. One really big piece of advice I would give is that if you're not 18 and cannot find a clean, reputable place to pierce you, then you should definitely, without a doubt, wait. Its not worth being unhappy with a pierce, or any of the other risks.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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