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Eyebrow Experience Submission

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Well, I've been enjoying reading other peoples' experiences with their piercings so I figured I'd submit mine. I'll try and keep it from being too long. (It turned out long. But I've got two trips in this one story, so..)

Just for a little background, I had wanted to get my eyebrow pierced since I was 15. That's when I first got the idea, probably from seeing it at a hardcore show or something, but I'm not sure. I asked my mother when I was 16 and was surprised when she said no. Usually she was pretty easy going about things like that. Huh. So much for that. Anyway, I turned 18 in October of '98, but I also headed to college at the same time and didn't want to blow a big chunk of my savings on getting pierced. So when my tax refund came in this past February, I decided it was time to treat myself.

I looked around on the web for a place to get it done, and I lurked on the RAB newsgroup for other info. I didn't find BME until after I got it done. Anyway, I found the place I wanted to get it done online. Accupicture Tattoo (www.accupicturetattoo.com) in Middletown, RI. I decided on there because the website made it sound like they were clean and sterile and that they were interested in making sure their customers were pleased.

I ended up not making an appointment because a friend wanted to go and we weren't sure when exactly he'd be able to, so I did the walk-in deal. This might have been a mistake. The quest to get there was ridiculous. First of all, we got stuck behind a really slow trailer truck for a lot of the way. Second there was construction on the route the website gives directions to take. So we ended up in Newport not knowing exactly where this place was. We drove around for a little while before I got frustrated and pulled into a McD's to call them from a payphone. I called at like 5:20 and got an answering machine, which was odd because the website said they opened at 5 on Thursdays. That wasn't a good sign. So because we thought we had to be close to the place, we went down the road we were on some more. Lo and behold it was like a half mile from the McD's we were at.

So I pull into the parking lot and we get out and go up to the place. The door is locked and the lights are off. That really wasn't good. I hated to waste a trip up there so my friend and I decided to drop in a couple stores and drive around for a little while. We got bored and decided to head back at about 6. When we drove by the lights were on so in we went.

Despite its somewhat shabby exterior, the inside of the place was clean, well lit, and smelled like disinfectant. Becky (who I recognized from the website) came out of the back drying her hair (Hmm..). She asked what we were there for, and I told her I wanted my right eyebrow and right ear pierced (my left ear was done by a gun when I was in 5th grade) and my friend said he wanted his ear pierced. Apparently she didn't hear him, because only I was given forms. No matter, he could get it done after I did.

So I showed her my ID, filled out the forms, and paid. She was friendly and picked out the CBR (16 gauge SSS) for me (I'm no expert), and gave me the aftercare sheet. She brought me down a little hallway into a room and sat me in your typical dentist type chair. A guy in his 20s came in and she said she might need his help, so I assume he was an apprentice or helper of some sort. I asked her about rejection/migration and new needles and all that while she was prepping and got the answers I wanted. When she was ready, she told me to close my eyes and not open them until she said so. So I closed my eyes and felt them swabbing my eyebrow, marking the spot, and then clamping it (which didn't hurt at all, by the way). A few seconds later she said, "Alright, on the count of three.." One, two, three. I felt a sharp pinch, but it wasn't bad. It's a discomfort that you just deal with. The only kind of unpleasant part was I felt it sort of pop through the bottom of my brow, but it didn't hurt. The ring went in without incident and didn't really hurt either.

They said I was sweating a lot and looked pale, but I really didn't feel that bad. I definitely had the adrenaline/endorphins rush, but I wasn't going to pass out or anything. She put some wet paper towels on my neck anyway, but it did feel good so I didn't bother arguing. Anyway, after that she said something about having to do something her her hair before it dried totally (Hmm, again..) and the guy did my ear. Granted, I really had no idea of who he was or what he did, but I figured if she trusted him I did. Plus it's only a lobe piercing so I wasn't really worried. Anyway, she marked it and left him to pierce it. So, he pierced it. Putting the ring in the ear actually hurt more than my eyebrow did.

So I headed back out front because I wanted to buy a ring to match because I had a different one in my left ear. Jerry (the owner) was out there and he offered to put it in, but having never had a real CBR before I said that I could do it. (Big mistake now that I know what a pain they are to put in without the right tools.) I talked to him for a few minutes and then we left. (My friend decided not to get his ear pierced after seeing me get pierced. Heh.)

Three weeks to the day after getting those piercings I came into a little bit more money and decided that I wanted to get pierced again. I decided to get my eyebrow done again because I'm seeing a lot of people with single eyebrow piercings, and I hate to look trendy. I got my friend again and we drove back to Accupicture (a little later this time) and the place was open when we got there.

When we walked in the owner was standing there talking to some guy and there were a lot of cars in the lot outside so I asked if he was busy, and he gave me some answer I don't remember but it was in the effect of "No." So I told him I wanted to get my eyebrow pierced again and he told me to talk to the guy behind their counter (who was the guy who had pierced my ear the last time so I felt better knowing for sure that he was in fact an employee). So I filled out the forms and paid him (more on that later) and they recommended I get a 20 gauge ring. Bleh. I had wanted to get another 16 gauge but they said I should get the 20 for bleeding/healing reasons so I relented. Kind of disappointing but like I said earlier, I'm no expert. I'll just put an 18 or 16 in when it heals up a little bit.

So we go back to the piercing room and the generic mark, clamp, close eye, pierce. Again, didn't really hurt. What did hurt, though, is he pulled the needle through before he got the ring all the way through. So the end of the ring was kind of floating in the hole, and he couldn't get it out. He played with it for a minute or two (ressing on it to find the ring, pulling the skin back to try and get it through, pushing and pulling.. it was quite unpleasant) and then called Becky in to help him. Phew. So she tells me she's just going to put the needle through the same hole and feed the ring through again, no pain. Okay, good deal. So I'm sitting there relaxed and all of a sudden I feel the needle piercing my eyebrow again. (Hmm..) She feeds the ring through, says something to the guy about the holes being too close, and leaves. I ask the guy (I forgot his name) if she repierced it and he says no. Odd. Anyway, he took a couple pictures to put in his portfolio and we leave.

I went home and looked at my eyebrow. Between the holes of my new piercing was a red spot (right in the middle of my brow) that was really sore. I've concluded that was the hole the guy made, and the piercing feeling I felt was when the girl pierced the bottom hole lower. So I've concluded that the guy somehow screwed up the piercing (either marking it, clamping it, or whatever) and ended up having the entry/exit holes too close.

Aside from my ear getting infected, everything seems to be healing well. I've had some discomfort from the second eyebrow piercing due to the extra hole and that the 20 gauge is uncomfortably small. I'm going to get an 18 or 16 gauge in there as soon as possible.

As for Accupicture.. I won't be going back there for my next piercings. The people there are pretty cool and my piercings ended up coming out looking fine, but there were a few things I didn't like. First was their prices/pricing. It seemed like they pulled their prices out of the air each time. For my eyebrow and ear along with the 16 gauge CBRs it cost me $75. When I bought a CBR identical to the two for those piercings I was charged $35. When I got just my eyebrow done with the 20 gauge CBR it cost me $60. The piercings were after a "student discount." I don't see the logic in any math there. Second was the screw-up on my second eyebrow piercing. I have no idea how he got that hole so out of place, and he also spent way too much time fiddling with it when it wasn't placed right anyway. I also wasn't too keen on being told that they were just going to follow the hole again with the needle to put the ring through when the intention was to put a new hole at the bottom. Granted, the pain isn't intolerable, but when you're not expecting it it's quite the surprise. Heh..

That's not to say I hated the place. If you live nearby (I don't), I would probably recommend it so long as you call ahead to work out the prices and make sure you request Becky.

Anyway, that's about it. Now I'm deciding on what to get done next. I'm between an conch orbital, a low helix, and my tongue. Whatever the case I'll probably get it done within a month or so. I'm also going to stretch my lobes to 10 or 8 gauge, and get some tattoo work done. I'm actually planning on getting a job just so I can finance my new addiction. Odd how something painful keeps you wanting more..

That's about it. Any comments or questions can be directed to [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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