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A few new piercings.

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So. Hi. I got my first piercing of the year about a month ago, a bridge, and I absolutely adore it. For about the last 8 months I've found myself drawn to some of the slightly "different " piercings. I am currently unemployed, so I can actually get some now.

I have to say something about the place I go to now. It's called Trilogy, in Memphis TN and everyone should go there. NOW. It's the best place I've ever been to. Everyone there is so nice and it's really clean and it just ROCKS. My piercers name is Mike, and I will never let anyone but him pierce me again. Nuff said.

The first piercing I got from Mike was my scrumper. I had wanted that one for SO long and he was the only person that I could find that would do it. No one else that I had asked even knew what it was. Mike told me that he had been trained on how to do one, but had never actually done the piercing. So I was his little guinea pig I guess. Yay. The piercing was only $15 because I had my own jewelry and Mike is cool like that too. I don't remember exactly the whole piercing process because it was a while ago. I remember Mike looking at my scrumper for a long time trying to find the best position and I remember him rubbing some really foul nasty stuff on it to numb it. I had two friends with me that night and they both helped hold my upper lip up and out of the way. I had never had a piercing numbed before, so that was interesting. I must say that I like being able to feel the needle going through my skin a lot better. I did feel a tiny little sting and that was all. It wasn't bad at all. Not even enough to make me think OW, yanno? It got a little swollen later but that wasn't really a problem. This one was really hard to get used to. It's like having a piece of food stuck up there. I have chipped a tooth on it more than once and that really sucks, so as soon as I can afford it I want to get either a smaller ring in it or a little barbel. It's doing great still, no problems, no migration, no infection. No complaints.

My next piercing, also done by Mike, was the tip of my tongue. Another $15 piercing. We used a 14 gauge circular barbel that he widened a bit to make room for the swelling. No numby stuff this time. This one hurt me more than my first tongue piercing. It wasn't like an unbearable pain or anything, just a sharp tearing feeling that I felt all the way through my tongue. I barely felt the first one at all. There was a little swelling the first few days. This was another one that was a pain in the ass to get used to. My speech was messed up for about 2 weeks and eating was just not easy at all.

About a week after I got this one pierced I almost lost all of my piercings. I went a little nutty and sliced my wrists up and then refused medical treatment, so I got arrested and sent to a mental hospital. Go me. I begged them to let me keep my piercings in and they did. That rocked. I guess they figured that if they made me take them out I'd be a lot unhappier than I already was. True. I would have blown my head off the minute I got out.

The day that I was released was also my birthday, so for those two reasons I decided I needed a new piercing. Like I really need a reason. So I went to Mike and told him to stick me. I finally made up my mind about what to pierce, my tragus, and sat in the chair. Oh how I love that chair. I was pretty nervous about this one because I had heard that it was fairly painful. It was done with a 16 gauge ring, the only piercing I have that's smaller than a 14 gauge. I really wanted to go with a 14 but I figured Mike knew what he was doing. I am going to stretch it to a 14 soon. It really didn't hurt like I thought it would hurt. It was like this sharp pressure feeling. And I could hear the needle crunching as it went through and that was one of the strangest things I've ever experienced.

Getting this one to heal was a little harder than all the others. It was really tender for a good month. It only hurt when it was touched and I kept forgetting it was there and hitting it with phones and sleeping on it and stuff. It's great now. I love it.

My newest piercing was my bridge. Mike did this one too. He had a bridge and he was the only person I'd ever really seen with one. I had no idea what to expect painwise from this one so I was really scared. You'd think after 27 other piercings that nothing would scare me. Wrong. I was nervous as all hell. I asked Mike what it felt like and he told me it was easier than an eyebrow and I just couldn't believe that. It looks like a pretty painful area, yanno? Right between the eyes. I had two people with me this time that were also getting piercings and they made me go first so that I could chill out. Mike had an apprentice with us in the room this time. So I get in the chair (yay!) and he looks at my bridge for a while and feels around and marks the spot, then tells his apprentice to come over and check it. Then I got to check it and we all agreed that it was perfect. Then he put the clamps on and he's all telling me that that is the worst part. I'm thinking to myself " Yeah right, whatever, just hurry up and stick me and lets get it over with. " I really don't like needles, believe it or not. I do like pain though, to a point. I feel the needle on the left side of my bridge and Mike tells me to take a deep breath and let it out and another deep breath and let it out and he would pierce me as I was exhaling the second time. SO it was breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe ow out ow. I felt a little sting as the needle went in, nothing as it went through the middle, and a little sting as it came out and that's it. Nothing major. It was about the same as an eyebrow piercing. I was surprised. No blood at all. Putting the jewelry in was nothing too. I got a little barbel in it.

During the healing period it never really got sore, even when I touched it. It got dry and itchy for about a week. I cleaned it with Bactine a few times a day. I never got any crusties on it either. This one healed better and faster than any other that I have. And I LOVE it. It's just SO there. A lot of people don't really notice it. Maybe that's because I have so many others. My family didn't notice at all until they heard that I had gotten it.

My family is pretty cool about the whole piercing thing. They don't like it and would prefer that I didn't do it, but they know that it makes me happy so they don't really give me too much shit about it. My Mom actually went with me when I was 15 to get my first tattoo, and the whole time she was telling me that I would regret it one day and that it was gross and it was going to hurt like nothing had ever hurt before and doing whatever she could to talk me out of it. Then after I'm done she decided that she wanted one too and got one right then. She went a little tattoo crazy and got 5 tattoos in like a 2 week period. My dad thinks were both nuts. Maybe.

So I got 12 new piercings last year. My goal is 13 this year. It might be a little hard without a job and like money and all that. But I can do it. yep yep. I'm determined.

Right now I have 9 holes in my left ear, 8 in my right ear, 1 bridge, 2 in my right eyebrow, 1 septum, 1 scrumper, 2 in my tongue, 1 on the right side of my bottom lip, 1 in each nipple, and 1 in my belly button. That's as far down as I've gone because I'm too much of a friggin pussy for the whole genital thing. But one day I WILL get my clit and my christina pierced. Maybe more. I dunno. I think I can. I think I can.

It's not the pain that I'm wussing out about. I'm just super shy about my body and I really need to get over that. I'll work on it.

Blah. Mkay. I think I'm done now. BME rocks. Imma go.


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on: 15 April 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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