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Piercing at 14

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Ok here's the story. I had been wanting an eyebrow piercing since I was about 12. No one else I knew had one and neither did anyone in my school so I had kind of a hard time talking my mom into. So when I finally decided I was serious I told my mom about It. I showed her pictures and other peoples stories of piercing. She finally said yes and that I would have to find the place and I would have to pay for it. I checked around in the phone book and the web, but I talked to a friend at school who said she was getting her navel pierced at this one place in about 2 weeks. She said it was really nice and that I should consider it. Later that night I told my mom we should check it out and see if you had to make appointments. When we got there this place was nice. I walked in and there was like classical music playing(I'm not really into that, but it does calm you down). There was couches and florescent lights all around the place. It looked really clean. We started talking to the piercer Ian Wilson. He told us about what can happen how he does it and how long it would have to be in. He then showed us the rings you could pick from. There wasn't much of a choice so I took a 14 gauge ring with a captive ball. He took it back and sterilized it first.

We filled out the necessary papers. This place was really insistent on this because they said a lot of kids had come in here with there friend's parents and aunts and uncles. He need my mom's license and my student ID to make sure. He told us that the whole thing would cost $55.00 with the ring included. We waited for a while. I really wasn't that nervous because I had done some research here on BME. He came back and said he ready for me. He lead me back to what looked like a dentist's chair. They had a window so you could see the person getting pierced from the waiting room. He started telling me all about how to clean it and how it will heal. I would have to wash it every morning and night with anti-bacterial soap and put some bactracin(A stronger kind of Neo-Sporin. They use it at hospitals) on for about 2 weeks. It would take about 2 months 2 heal and then I can change it. He showed me a plastic clear plug that I could use to hide my hole but keep it open. I'm gonna get one when it heals for places like church and stuff, lol. Then he started un-wrapping his instruments. This place never reused any instruments, even the pliers. He told me to close my eye and started washing my eyebrow with alcohol. I can honestly say that getting alcohol in my eye was the worst part. He wrapped a rubber band around the clamp to hold it down and he put the clamp down on my eyebrow and told me to close my eye. He told me just to stay calm and not to move at all. He took out a hollow needle and put some alcohol on it. He told me that how thick the ring would be is how much area of skin he would be taking out and that's why the needle is hollow. He told me to take a deep breath in and on the count of three to breathe it out. He shoved the needle through real fast, almost no pain at all. It wasn't even as bad as a bee-sting. He took the ring and bent it so he could put it on. He put one end of the ring in the hollow needle and pulled it through. I kept my eyes closed when he put the ball on and he had some trouble with that. He said it's always a pain in the ass to get them on. When he finally got it on I turned and looked in the mirror. It looked really good. It was not crooked or anything. He said not to play with it and not to let anyone else play with it. It was a little sore to sleep on, but only for the first night or so.

The next day at school was great. No one could believe I had got it done and they were all like 'Did that hurt??' and when I said not really they were like 'Sure I bet'. I have had it now for about a week and I love it. It moves freely and there is hardly and scabbing. It hasn't shifted or anything either. If your ever near West Chester, Pa go to this place. It's at:Wizard & Co. 225 N. Walnut StreetWest Chester, Pa 19380That will probably be all the piercings I will ever get. I have 2earring in my left ear and my new eyebrow ring. E-mail me for info.Brett [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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