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Jeff's Bridge And Tongue

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I'm 15, and my name is Jeff Abell, ever since I was about 12, I wanted to have my tongue pierced.

Once when I was 12, I stuck a safety pin through my tongue, and put a regular earring in it. But it was on the side and looked tacky, and was not the right type of jewelry for it. So now I'm 15 I decide to beg my mom and she gave up a yes and was very pissed off, because she had bronchitis and was very ill and couldn't argue with me. So I told my dad to take me to Island Dyes the same day. Which is a local piercing store, which is in the corner and behind a curtain. It looks pretty sterile from my perspective but hey I wanted my tongue done and now!

So when we arrived at the store I paid 70$$ then went to the back of the store to get it done. My

piercer's name was Rob, which I respect very well. He put his latex gloves on, and put the clamp on my tongue. I was at this time shaking because I thought that it was going to hurt really bad. He looked at the bottom of my tongue and said, "You have some very big veins". I though that he was going to tell me that I was UN-pierce-able. Then he got the needle. Told me to close my eyes and go to the Bahamas. I did so. I heard a little noise. Then he turned around and I mumbled "That didn't even hurt", and he said "Don't talk to me when I got a needle in your mouth". So he got the barbell and screwed it in and pulled it through then screwed on the ball. Then he said you could put your tongue back in your mouth now. Then he gave me some Listerine to wash my mouth out then he sat down and explained all the aftercare in detail. Afterward it wasn't too bad for about three hours. Then it swelled up really bad and hurt really bad. I couldn't eat not even a bowl of soup. It took me 30 minutes to eat the soup too. It didn't hurt when I talked though. Then after 4 days I could eat again.

My first taking the tongue ring out experience was ok too. I took it out about 1 week after I had it.

It felt really good to have it out. It was like ah! Then I put it back in it kind of was like ouch. Ever since then it's been good.


I have streched it to 6G then put a 4G in a lot of pain I still get these sharp pains sometimes I swallow.... The piercings I have now are 3 Lobes 10G (left ear), Ear Cartilage 10G (left ear), Tongue 4G, Bridge 14G Stuff I Plan On: Labret And 4 piercings in my right ear 3 lobe and 1 cartilage....


About 2 months after my tongue I though that wasn't enough. I decided to do my eyebrow but

then I was like no it's to common. So my good friend Samantha Mattingly recommended my bridge and I was like that's a good idea. So I had to beg my mommy for 6 hours to let me get my eyebrow then I told her my bridge, then after 20 minutes of talking about my bridge, she said yes. So then I told her to take me to Island Dyes the next day. And she was like fine!

When I arrived I was not very scared. Because I was disappointed in the pain I had received from

my tongue which was nothing. I had chosen a 14G barbell. The piercer's which name I do not know said that the barbell was too short. Then he kept coming up to shoving barbells in my face and said I have and big bridge. Then I had to wait about 30 minutes for him, I guess he was autoclaving the needle or something like that. Then he sat me down and put this very tight, tight, tight, tight clamp which was very unconvertible. Then he grabbed the needle and said are you ready, and I said I guess. Then he shoved and yanked then it popped through. And my friend Samantha Mattingly said "He was pulling and yanking at the skin and it looked very painful"(WHICH WASENT AT ALL) It hurt a little, then he screwed on the barbell and pulled it through which stung a little bit. I looked in the mirror and I absolutely loved it, and it actually looked good, which was surprising to my knowledge. And Samantha said, "It makes you look very mysterious with my white contacts." When I got home my mom looked and me and said "I hate it and I don't think it looks becoming on you", by the way becoming is my moms word for it looks terrible. My dad just made a noise. And I told my friends and they thought I was crazy which was cool. My friend's sister told me bridges look bad and then when she saw me she said it looked ok on me but she still hates bridges. And she has her eyebrow pierced, which looks really good.

So its about 2 1/2 months after that now so its looking pretty good and a lot of people like it. And are scared of me which is cool. And also if you want one go ahead its cool. And a lot of crust builds up.


Yesterday which was March 28, 1999 I went to Island Dyes and I was glad that the piercer that was working there was Rob. I paid 63.99 and then in like 2 minutes he came out and said come on I told my dad to wait outside while I get pierced. He told me to sit down. He said he wasent going to use a clamp but he said for my nose he wanted to use a clamp. So he got his clamps and put them on my nose (which wasent that tight of a grip considering my bridge it pinched like heck), and his cork and the 12G needle out (by the way I choose a 14G horseshoe kind), and then he put the needle and cork upto my nose and told me to close my eyes and goto the Bahamas. Im not going to lie it hurt really bad I wanted to knock him across the room, its not a decriable pain it just hurt really bad. Then he told me he had done it with a 12G because he did not want the threading to scrape my nose. Then he screwed on the ball and a whole bunch of blood rolled down my face.(YUCK) Then he decribied the aftercare, and told me it was done. I paid him 5 dollars for the tip. And I said thanks and left the store.

EMAIL ME AT [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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