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getting my eyebrow done

ell, before i really start, just wanted to say that i love this site. Discovered it in Jan. and it really helped me in going ahead and getting my eyebrow done (especially since many of the experiences stated that there was little or no pain!!).

Anyways, on to my experience. I have both ears pierced twice, sadly both by gun, but i guess i decided that i wanted something a little different, and a little more than a year ago i decided that the different thing i wanted was my eyebrow done. Now at first i held off because i had grad coming up and i was worried that i could maybe get an infection or something and that wouldn't go with my dress.

So, after grad i was all ready to get it done, but alas, i come from a fairly small town and there was no where for me to go. So again i had to wait until i went on my band trip to Edmonton(Alberta). There i didn't have a chance to get it done either, we were only in the mall and any places that did piercing would only do ears. Eventually i kinda forgot about piercing my eyebrow, UNTIL this Jan. when i found this site. It all came back to me and i started making plans.

I had reading week coming up (i guess that's supposed to be our spring break) and i was making a trip to Edmonton to visit with my mom. A few days before i left i asked her to check around, talk to friends, etc.. and find a reputable place. When i finally arrived she and a friend were still checking around. A friend than suggested this man named Graham. He did piercing as a hobby, and would go to your house to do it. I said that as long as he was highly recommended and safe it was fine with me.

So i set up a time for me to go and meet him and discuss everything. I met with him, he explained everything to me, and i picked out a ring. It is an 18 or 16 gauge, i'm not 100% sure, and then he checked my eyebrow to make sure it would work out all right. He explained that some eyebrows have more of a tendency to reject the piercing resulting in the ring moving out, it had to do with how close to the bone the piercing would be depending on how much skin you had there. Some people's piercing would just end up being right against the bone and it won't work out, fortunately i had just enough skin there that he said the ring would probably stay there. We set up the time that he would show up at my mom's house and we were done.

Finally the day had come. It was kinda funny cause my mom seemed more nervous than me, even more funny she felt it was her duty to document the whole thing by taking pictures yet when it came time to do it she was too squeamish to do it herself so she got a friend to do it while she sat on the couch a fair distance away. Anyways, Graham put a dot on the spot we had agreed on before hand, i checked it out in the mirror and it was fine. He put the clamp on, the part which most people say hurts the most, and really to me it felt like the pain in my eyebrow right after doing a serious plucking job. Really it was bad at all. Well, i'm sitting there waiting to fell the needle go through and when i finally felt something it actually turned out to be the ring. I was so amazed!! I had felt almost nothing, and the little thing i felt wasn't pain but just a little pressure. It then took another minute for the little ball to be put in, and i was all done!

There had been a little bit of blood, and no pain. I loved it. About a week later a little bruise had developed but that was from the clamp and no big deal. It's been a little more than 2 weeks and so far i have had no problems, just a few crustys but nothing a little peroxide couldn't handle. I am so happy that i finally have it, and now i am actually thinking about possibly getting my nose pierced. Who knows.........i have been warned that this type of thing can become addictive and i think maybe i have been bitten by the piercing bug. Oh well, at least it's something i like right.

Well, that's my story, eventually i will send pictures, i'm fairly easy to recognize, i'm the female with the short blue hair. Fell free to e-mail me....i love to talk. lol


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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