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In, and out again. My eybrow piercing experience.

or my 18th birthday my friends put together some cash and made the appointment for me to get my brow pierced. Yeah..... i didn't know if i should thank them or what! My mum and dad weren't toooooo keen on the idea but they didn't say no! After wanting one for ages, and researching them on BME i decided that i was going to go through with it!

SO my friend Lisa picked me up and away we went to Steel Lotus studios (in Sydney Australia). The studio was very clean with the jewellery on display in cabinets, the tattoo pix on the walls and albums of piercings on some bookshelves. Carley was very friendly and very helpful. She understood that i was allergic to everything but gold and i couldn't use soap 'cause of my skin (my body is pretty fucked!) so we chose a ring, and that was taken away to be sterilised. I can't remember what gauge but it was a nice piece of jewellery and that's all that mattered to me. I was actually wanting a barbell but they didn't have any in gold, but i knew if i walked out of that studio it would never happen!

The piercing was straight forward. Painless, quick and easy. Lisa was more nervous than i was!!! The clamp was the most uncomfortable part of the whole procedure. Carley used my breathing and it did not hurt at all. I didn't even flinch!

I spent the next week telling all my friends how it was done and all!!! Boy did i get sick of the story!!!

I had no problem with aftercare or infection. It was easy to look after and i didn't even get any crusty stuff that i kept reading about.

Anyway, about 4 weeks after getting the piercing i started to notice that the ring was moving.... i was hoping that it was my imagination... but by week 5 the ring was more than on it's way out!!!! i was so upset!!! =( I rung Steel Lotus and i was told to make a trip back in.

Another friend of mine Jane, and I made the trip back in. By this time there was only one layer of skin holding the ring in and i had taken the ring out myself!!! There was no way in the world i was going to loose that $65 ring!!!!!

Carley re-pierced my eyebrow. She tried to re-pierce it behind the scar tissue, as that would help to hold it in. Unfortunately the tissue was rock solid, but she did the best she could piercing it to the side and behind as possible. Again it was painless, quick and easy.

No such luck... within 4 weeks it was out again!!!! Even my mum was upset for me!! Yeah, my mother actually misses it!! GO FIGURE!! So i threw the ring in my ear as a orbital lobe piercing.. which i love.

The piercing for that was straight forward too. The first hole was like nothing. I used the breathing again and was told to think of pink fluffy halos! Cute! There was no problem until the second hole. It was made up closer to the cartilage so it was painful, and silly me had forgotten to eat before i went, so i became light headed. Nothing some jelly beans and water couldn't fix!

I would like to take a moment now just to say- if you have the choice between a gun and a needle for your ear piercing, take the needle! I have had 6 ear piercings with the gun and 3 with a needle. The needle was a lot more gentle on my flesh and it meant that i could have the gold jewellery straight in rather than having the s.steel. This helped to keep away infection, but my tendency to play with my piercings doesn't! SO DON"T PLAY WITH YOUR PIERCINGS either!!!!!!! Trust me!!!!!

I have been to several other studios to ask about why my body rejected my brow ring. Some say the ring was too big and not enough flesh was taken to support it, others say the aftercare was too strong.... but i know that my body just didn't want a ring in my brow.

I only have a very small scar from the piercing now and you can only see it if u look really hard. I found that vitamin E cream helped rejuce the size of the scar.

So now all i can do is get jealous of all the people i see out and about with eyebrow piercings knowing that i once was like them. Pierced and proud! I have a friend who also had his ring migrate so i'm not alone.

Please don't hesitate to get your eyebrow pierced by all means, just because of my stupid body! Hope you have more luck than I.... and if u have/do.... i'm very very jealous!!!

Thanx Sarah Peace love and trust Sarah @--}--


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 March 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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