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eyebrow piercing

I got my eyebrow pierced

about 2 months after I turned 14, although I'd wanted to get it done since I was about 12. It had taken me SO long to convince my slightly overprotective mother to let me do it, but she finally let me. I don't really think she thought I would go ahead and do it, though. The only other person I'd told about wanting to get it done was my best friend, and she didn't think I'd actually do it either. So, my mum called around for places where I could get it done, found a place called "Nightwind Tattoo" and made an appointment for me for the next day. The WHOLE night I was freaking! I was psyched... but a little scared, too.

 The next day, I was SO

nervous! All day I was freaking about it! My appointment was at 3 (I think?), and all I could do was sit in my room, going crazy about how excited I was, but scared too. At around 2:30, my mum came to get me to go, and about 5 mins later we were off.

 When we arrived at the place,

I glanced around and was totally scared! There were freaky magazines and pictures and stuff all over the place... it just totally freaked me out. The woman who did the piercings was busy feeding her baby, so my mum and I had to sit and wait. While we were waiting, two guys and a girl came in. The guys looked pretty tough (they had a ton of tattoos), but the girl had no piercings or tattos (visible anyway), so it was odd to see her with them. It turns out, while I was getting my eyebrow done, the girl was getting a tattoo in the room next to me). Anyway, when the woman was done feeding her baby, she came down and took me into one of the rooms, and my mum came with me (I needed her for support l).

 I started with TONS of

questions right away! I asked if it would hurt a lot.. and she said that it depended on how much pain a person could take.. that for some people, it would kill, but for others, it would be nothing. That didn't exactly make me feel much better.. l When I finlly calmed down and was ready to do it, the woman cleaned my eyebrow and then asked me where I wanted her to do it. I pointed, and she marked the spot. I didn't really care about where she did it on my eyebrow, so I didn't understand why she was asking l But anyway, she then had me lay down on a bed like the kind that are in doctors offices. At that point, I closed my eyes, because I didn't want to see what was going on, I knew if I did, I'd chicken out! My mum was holding my hand, and asking her about like cleanliness or something, and I was just laying there, with my eyes closed, waiting for her to do her thing. The woman asked if I wanted a warning, and I didn't really care, so I just said no. So, I'm laying there, squeezing my mum's hand as tight as I possibly can, waiting for her to do it... then I felt a TINY prick and that was it! A minute later, she was done! I was like, "Is THAT it!?" And she was like, "yep" i was SO stunned! I was expecting a HUGE amount of pain, and all I got was a tiny prick!

 After that, I sat up, and the

woman handed me some stuff to clean my eyebrow with, and basic instructions about how to take care of it. Then she explained all of the instructions and stuff, and my mum paid and we left. My eyebrow didn't bleed when she did it, but there was a tiny bit of blood after we left.. hardly enough to freak out about or anything, though. It was odd the first night sleeping... because it put pressure on it (I sleep on my side).. but it never actually hurt.. it felt kind of like it was bruised the next day, nothing big, though. By like the second day, I could play with it, without being scared or anything.

 Basically, I totally freaked

out about nothing, because the piercing didn't even hurt! I TOTALLY love it now! I now have a bar in my eyebrow (I had a ring thing before), my mum got me it for Christmas this year.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 March 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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