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I had basically flipped a coin on what piercing I wanted to get.
I definitely love piercings right now (tongue, nipple, eyebrow, nostril, 7 ear piercings including tragus) and I want more everyday. I was deciding between my labret and my eyebrow. I am graduating from my 2-year business focused college in less than 2 months, and I know that my type of field would never allowed all these facial piercings. So my decision was based on the healing time and the marks it would leave once I remove the piercing. I did not go to the same normal place that I always to go in Danbury Connecticut called Peter Tat 2. I was going to see a friend of mine who goes to college in Rhode Island when I decided to get it done. I was so happy that I was putting another hole in my body (my mother was not as happy as I was smile). The place looked very clean and after talking to the piercing for about 15 minutes I felt satisfied that he was a qualified piercer. I always like to talk to the piercers first to get a feel for them.

He had us wait several minutes so he could get everything set up and then brought us down these stairs too a corner room. I was very uncomfortable right away. As my friend and I walked down the stairs the noises for above slowly started to fade and I felt like I was capture or something. Good thing I brought my friend along or I went of probably freaked out. As we went into the room it was very clean looking. He had everything all ready set up with the ring, needle, pliers, and gloves. He changed this gloves several times and pointed out that he had a certified EMT (which made me a little bit move relieved). He marked my eyebrow and handed me a mirror letting me decided if the placement was good. As I got ready for the piercing I was not nervous at all.
I have gone through enough piercings to know how the whole thing went. He had me breath at a regular pace and then let me know when he was ready to pierce me. He put the needle through and it was nothing. The only thing that was weird was that I saw the needle sitting right next to my eye. Right after the needle went through and he slid the ring in it started bleeding quite a bit.
It was flowing out and he had to put pressure on it the piercing, which was not that pleasant. It took several minutes for the bleeding to stop then he had to put the ball on. That took another several minutes but he finally got it on. I looked down and noticed many droplets of blood on my shirt. First time for everything, I thought to myself as I paid him for the piercing and left feeling great. I love getting new piercings, I get such a rush from it. It took a while that day to get use to the fact that I could see the ring sticking out from the side of my face.
I pulled on it a few times during the next few days along with my hair getting caught in the ring.

It's been 4 months since I've had the piercing and everything's fine. I had no complications with it. I was swollen for about 2 weeks but slowly went away. I have no recently changed the 18gauge ring to a micro curved barbell. I am so happy with it, I play with the ring all the time. I've taken it out for several hours at a time to see how the healing processes has been coming along. I went to a body jewelry place called Trash America Style and asked if they had eyebrow spacers or a Lucite plug for a 18gauge. She said that they had no spacers or plugs for that size but would love to make one for that size (she makes all of the jewelry herself) but offered a suggestion of getting the same size fishing wire and use that has a type of hook to hold the piercing open. This along with my nipple piercing is far one of my favorite piercings I have. I have to now decided the next type of piercing I will get. I cannot at this moment to pierce anything else on the face due to graduation coming up the next piercing will be my right nipple or a new ear piecing, something like conch, rook, or daith. Feel free to e-mail me about my eyebrow piercing or any other piercing I have. Thanks for reading my story. :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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