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My Bridge Experience

My Bridge Experience

First off I must say, when one gets their bridge pierced, they must expect many strange questions. The most common one is " did that hurt? It looks extremely painful!" I guess people see a piercing that goes through a lot of skin (mine being 5/8 of skin) and assume extreme pain. The second most common question " Does that go through the bone? " really stumps me sometimes.
Remember...its a body piercing, not a bone drilling. Another one is "Wont you go cross eyed from that thing? " I can barely see my bridge, and about 85% of the time I forget its even there. Ok enough with the strange questions and on with the experience.

I got my bridge pierced in May of 98 at 23rd Street Body Piercing, in Oklahoma City, OK (Best in the state of Oklahoma) by Jason. I wasn't nervous or anything because I knew about the bridge (I try to research piercings a little before I get one) . That and I knew it couldn't be more painful than my septum. The piercing room was the cleanest I have ever seen. Jason was extremely professional (as well as Brooks, Carrie and Dawn) and had a gentle touch. It took a little while to get the clamps in place, but not too long.
After the clamps were in place he told me to take a deep breath, and release. It was over before I knew it, and the pain factor was nothing. It felt like a pinch and that was it. Out of all my piercings, which are septum, lobes, tragi, conch, tongue, and nipples, the bridge was the least painful. I was actually amazed by the lack of pain. Man was it straight. Jason nailed it. I mean it was perfect. He did such a good job on getting it straight, I was amazed.

Dawn gave me an aftercare sheet and went over it with me. She got me some Provon and said I should also get some sea salt. For about the first month wash with Provon, and do a sea salt-water soak for 10 minuets 2 times a day. The wash with Provon was no problem, but the salt-water soaks were kinda strange. I had to use 2 cotton balls and hold each cotton ball on each side of my face. I grew into it though.

Ok so here is the bad news, about 2 months after getting my bridge pierced and loving it. My girlfriend (at the time) wanted me to take it out. So I did. I really wish I hadn't done that. I really loved that piercing. So did the crew at 23rd. They were sad to see that my beautiful bridge was gone.

In August of 98, I could no longer take it. I missed my bridge and was getting it back. Jason mentioned that the hole might not be completely closed and that he might be able to use a taper to avoid repiercing. We tried that and it didn't work. The taper would go in about 1/4 the way but that was it.

Now the good news in September of 98, a few days prior to the installation of my new bridge, I dropped off my barbell (14 ga of course) so they could autoclave it. Jason felt of my bridge area to see if there was any remaining scar tissue. Most of it was gone. So we went back to one of the piercing rooms. Since the bridge from last time was so perfect, and there were dot- sized indentations on my bridge, Jason didn't have to mark the area again. So I laid down, as he positioned the clamps. He mentioned to me that piercing a bridge the second time, where one once remained, was very difficult and might be painful. He said he would do his best and if it didn't look straight we could try it again later on, no charge. I thought that was nice of him, and very professional. He told me to take a deep breath ..... and release. Again before I knew it, the needle was through. I did however, notice a slight increase in pain, but not much. I mean it was still the lesser of my other piercings. Later on in the day it got a little swollen but not much, unlike my first one, which never swelled. This one was just as straight as the first one. I was really amazed. Jason did a really good job.

Right now it is 4:12am February 7th 1999. My bridge is great, and I'm never taking it out again.

About my other piercings: Lobes stretched to 1 1\4 in, pierced at 8ga. Tongue stretched to 2ga, pierced at 10ga.Nipples stretched to 8ga, pierced at 14ga. Septum was stretched to 6ga, pierced at 10ga. (I took it out) Industrial from tragus to conch 14ga barbell (many piercers will say this is not possible due to migration, which is not true, I have had mine for over a year now...and they haven't migrated a bit. In fact they were fully healed in 4 months)

All of the above were pierced by Ian Bishop at ICON body piercing in Nashville, TN (except the bridge of course)

If you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected]


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on: 15 Feb. 1999
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