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Bridge Experience @ Bound By Design

or a long time I'd been wanting a bridge piercing. This would be my 11th piercing over the span of 5 years. I'd started when I was 12 years old, my first piercing being the right eyebrow.
Anyway, at Christmas time, I received a gift certificate for a piercing at Bound By Design from my mom. She knew that was my favorite and most trusted piercing place here in Denver. Seeing as how I'm still a minor, I asked my mom to take me into Bound By Design the following Friday so I could get the bridge piercing. Heh, it was not what she expected me to get. She protested. Her attempts were futile. She gave in.

So we went in, and I told the chick behind the counter what I wanted, she suggested a curved 14 gauge 1/2" long SSS barbell.
Then she asked for our IDs, we presented them, and she presented us with our first problem. Since my mom is remarried, she has a different last name than I do, also, we both live at different addresses, since I lived with my dad. After a couple minutes, we convinced her that she was my mom and all was kosher, so she gave us the form to fill out and went back to find the person who would be doing my piercing.

The piercer came out and informed us that she wouldn't perform the piercing because she thought I would regret it in my old age. She told us, "In fact, I wouldn't do any facial piercings for you, because when you get older the scarring from the piercing gets worse. I'll do any below the neck piercing, including your nipples or genitals." Umm... okay. Obviously this is not something I'm worried about. I already have 6 scars from piercings. I realize that this might not look so flattering once the wrinkles set in, but I don't really... give a fuck.

So we left, me without the bridge piercing I'd hoped for and a $100 gift certificate to that place. I didn't want any other piercings, and I'd already had enough jewelry to last me another 11 piercings. Then I figured it out... the aforementioned piercing lady, was somewhere in her mid- forties. She had, in her inane babbling about old age and her regrets, told me that she had a daughter my age. Since Bound By Design was open until 11pm, I decided to go at a much later time, thus, if my plan worked, she wouldn't be there, she'd be home eating dinner with family or whatever. I was right. This time, I went in with my dad, because we live at the same address and have the same last name. I filled out the form, chose the jewelry, and sat down.

My dad and I waited for about a half an hour until the piercer came out. I remembered this guy from the time I got my madonna piercing, and he was cool. He took me back to the piercing area and had my lay down on the table and proceeded to mark the entry and exit points. Then he had me sit up and so he could tell if it was straight. It took him about 5 minutes to finally get it straight. Then I laid back down, shut my eyes, and he put the clamps on. I kept taking deep breaths and actually held my breath expecting the needle to be shoved in any minute. He told me to exhale and shoved that needle through. Not bad. The most painful part was the pinch of the jewelry going through, but that's not saying much. I'd say the pain was about the same as an eyebrow piercing. Virtually painless.

I got up and looked in the mirror and I was in love with this piercing. Well, I'm in love with all my piercings. And those that are not there anymore. I loved those, too. $61 was deducted from my gift certificate. Since I knew my brother had wanted to get a labret piercing, I had them put the gift certificate in his name and I sold it to him for $35. The piercer gave me a little bar of "Body Heal Soap" and I forget what the active ingredients are, but... he told me to wash my piercing with that twice a day, along with Bactine. If you're in Denver, I recommend Bound By Design, provided that you have the right piercer. Look for a tall dude with black hair and you'll be in business.

The healing process is going along pretty well, it's been about two weeks and there's been no blood, very little lymph leakage, and a little redness around the piercing. I must admit though, it feels a little itchy from time to time. And a little dry... like it needs some oil or something. It moves around great and I haven't noticed any migration yet. I simply just love the way it looks. One thing, though... I'm constantly seeing two little steel balls in my vision. Nothing bad, though. Gotten used to it. I've noticed if you squint, and look straight into the ball(this may cause you to go cross-eyed)you can see your eyelashes magnified, almost like looking through a microscope.
It's fucked up. I smoke way too much weed. Anyway, if you're thinking about getting this done, I recommend it, it's the shit.

I have question for those who have facial piercings: Are you at all worried about how these piercings will make you look in your old age? Whether you decide to keep them in or take them out?

-Lyndz. eMail: [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Feb. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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