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Left Eyebrow piercing at Primal Art

I remember feeling very nervous and anxious the night before I had my eyebrow done, especially because it was my first piercing other then my ear lobe. Even though my girlfriend told me it doesn't hurt and a few other people told me the same I was still somewhat leery that it was going to sting a hell of a lot. During the car ride downtown I began feeling extremely excited because I was finally getting it done, when my me, my dad, and my friend got downtown we arrived at about 4:30 and my appointment wasn't until 5:30 so we met up with my girlfriend who was supposed to get her nipples pierced at a different place. That never happened though due to the fact that she isn't 18+, When the guy there asked her for I.D. I could hardly keep from laughing because he didn't even look 18 himself. After we met up with her we walked around Osborne Village a while looking in a few different stores trying to kill time so we didn't have to sit waiting forever in Primal, I'm not entirely a very patient person. At around 5:15 my dad and I walked down to Primal Art, signed some forms, and sat down and waited a few minutes, my girlfriend and another friend of mine wanted to check out some other store and said they'd meet us at Primal, a few minutes later they both walked in, a little while after that Eric (the piercer at Primal) called me and my dad in so he could explain how the piercing will go, how they sterilize the clamps, how they only use a needle once then its garbage, and how to clean my piercing afterwards. Also he mentioned that even though eyebrow piercing over time migrates out, the chance of it happening is very rare, I found it rather amusing he said that because after that he said he's done his 3 times and each time its come out. Anyway, after he finished with explaining that my dad left the room. Eric then cleaned the area on my eye brow that he was piercing, marked it, let me check it in a mirror for approval of its position, clamped it, told me to close my eyes so that he didn't accidentally bump my eye with his hand as well as take a deep breathe and as I was exhaling he'd put the needle through. Before he did so I asked him if it was gonna hurt at all because I still wasn't convinced that it's totally painless and he said it wouldn't hurt at all. So I closed my eyes and took a deep breathe, and as I was exhaling I felt the needle going through, surprisingly I felt no pain at all, even though so many people said its painless I still didn't believe them and thought it was going sting a lot, I must admit it stung a little but very comparable to a misquito bite and it was over in a second. After putting the needle through he put the bead ring in, closed it, explained to me once again how to clean the piercing and gave me some iodine and a booklet for piercing aftercare guidelines.

The next day at school I didn't get to much response from

people, just a lot of my friends saying "god damn that must of hurt etc." no one would believe me that it doesn't hurt at all. The day went pretty smoothly to, it didn't get sore or hurt at all unless I touched it or rotated it, but that only stung a little bit. So far it seems to be healing very well and there are no signs of infection yet. Also if your interested in piercing your eyebrow I really recommend getting it done, its absolutely painless and I think it looks really good as well. By the way, if you happen to live in Winnipeg, then I really recommend Primal Art for body piercing of any type the workers there are great. =)

Day Two: Today went pretty smoothly as well, still no white discharge around the edges of the piercing which surprised me a little but of course isn't a problem at all, I'd rather not have any at all. It still stings a little bit when I touch it or rotate it but nothing unbearable.

Day Three: Today also went pretty smoothly, starting to notice a little bit of white discharge around the piercing now but that's normal anyway. Later on in the evening after I cleaned it my eyebrow swelled up a little bit and started stinging a little more then it did yesterday so I got a little worried but figured I must of just irritated it somehow when I was cleaning it.

Day Four: When I got up today the swelling had went completely down and now I have no problem touching the piercing or rotating the ring at all, I know it's only the fourth day, but I think that it's going to heal very well.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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