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Another Fix For My Metal Addiction (eyebrow piercing)

've submitted 2 different experiences to BME, and this will be my third, but with those experiences, I've never really given much background on why I like piercing. I thought it would be a nice twist to my submission.

    The whole piercing thing started a long time ago, when I was about

four. I loved reading medical books, and seeing operations, and other things like that. I wanted to be a doctor, then a brain surgeon. I think that was the beginning of it all. When I was twelve, I started experimenting with pain and such. I'm very much into pain, and poking your skin with various objects. I used to take sewing needles and insert them diagonally into my hands, often hitting tendons and veins, causing alot of pain, and alot of blood. I enjoyed this for some reason that I cannot explain. I pierced my handweb with a saftey pin, and it was doing really well, but I couldn't put an earring in because putting the back on squished the piercing, and caused me discomfort. Eventually I was told to take it out. I had carved people's names into my legs, and stuck needles everywhere in my body, just to feel the pain, and see the blood. I had stuck a needle into my thigh, and it went all the way in. I couldn't get it out, and I also couldn't move, because the needle was in the muscle, and moving the muscle created a pain that is unimaginable, I suppose something akin to a gunshot wound. Luckily, I had razors nearby. I opened up a hole with the razor, grabbed the needle, and pulled it out. Luckily I didn't seriously damage anything... I appeared to have grown out of the whole self-mutilation thing, for a few years, until I found piercing. I wanted to get my nostril done, just for the look. I had it done, and I was hooked. I had finally found something that was a happy medium for me. I could still poke myself, have the pain, and have something cool to show for it! Plus, I now want to be a piercer, and I am currently attempting to get an apprenticeship at Primal Art. It seems to fufill the 'doctor' part of it all. =)

    I had my tongue pierced a little more than 2 months ago...And before I

got it pierced, I was heavily debating the eyebrow or the tongue. Being a minor, I have to convince my mother to sign for the piercing. The tongue was something she heavily objected to, but somehow, I was able to convince her. She was saying that instead, I should get my eyebrow done. I didn't, but I didn't regret it. I knew I would get it done later, anyway.

February 16th, 1998

    I made the appointment a week before the 16th. Primal Art is almost

always booked solid. I hated having to make the appointment so early, because as soon as I get permission for something, I have to do it as soon as possible. I prefer to have it done right then and there. =) I waited as patiently as I could, and the day arrived. I had school that day, so I had to go to school, come home, pick up my mom, go meet someone, and then go get the piercing. The whole day I could not concentrate on my schoolwork. I couldn't eat either, because I was so excited. I got off of school, picked up my mom, met my ex-boyfriend for coffee, and we just chatted awhile. My mind wasn't on the coffee, that's for sure! =) Finally the time rolled around. I almost felt sick. That's how excited I was. I was called for the piercing, and as I hopped in the chair, my piercer, Eric, told me that when he saw me walk in, he wondered what I was doing back so soon! (I had been there a week before to show my friends the flash on the walls, and to talk about getting a tat done on my friend.) We talked about a bunch of new piercings he had seen on some people as he was removing the clamps from the autoclave package, and just generally getting everything ready. When everything was ready, he told me that he wasn't going to bother telling me everything about the needle and the forceps and all that crap, because I already knew it all. I smiled. He cleaned the area, and then marked the place on the right eyebrow, and asked me if it was okay. It was fine, it always is. =) He clamped the eyebrow, and it hurt. It was pinching alot. I told him this, and he offered to loosen it. I said no, it'll numb the area. =) He left it on for 30 seconds for it to do just that. Then he told me to do the breathing exercises, and he pierced it. Honestly, the clamps hurt more than the piercing did. He inserted the ring, which hurt as much as the needle did. By then, my eyebrow was throbbing. He put on the bead, and it was done. I just sat back, and we talked about piercing again for about 20 minutes. We were talking about him getting the Winnipeg Health Board to regulate piercing. He had finally got them to sent 'Cease and Desist' orders to shops that were doing gun piercings other than earlobes. I told him about the places I knew that were doing gunning, and he said he would tell the heath board. I asked him about my possible apprenticeship, and he said he would call me as soon as something came up. Eventually, I left. =) I walked around for a bit with my mom and my ex, and we were going to wait for a bus, but lo and behold, a few punks were smoking weed in the busshack again. We walked in, had a few tokes, and that TOTALLY numbed the pain of my eyebrow. It was great. =) I caught the bus, went home, pigged out, and passed out on the couch. Best day of my life. =)

    If you are ever in Winnipeg, and want to get pierced, GO TO PRIMAL

ART! One out of the two best places in Winnipeg to get pierced. Eric is a great piercer, and is wonderful to talk to.

-Ashley [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1998
in Eyebrow Piercing

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