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My piercing extravaganza (eyebrow and ear lobes)

ad thought about getting both ears pierced a while ago. I hadnt seriously thought about it untill recently when I decided I wanted to pierce both my ears to 8 gauge. While I was deciding wether i would do this or not, i also began to think about an eyebrow piercing. I always thought eyebrow piercings look really cool, espically with a barbell. I decided I was going to go for it and get my eyebrow, and my ears pierced the next weekend. I had saved up the money, now all I needed was the time. I was in NYC, on st marks, asking various piercing shops how much it would cost me for all 3 and if they would pierce my ears to 8ga. After about half an hour I had went to a few shops and none of them would pierce to 8ga. I went back to the first shop which said the most they would pierce to was 10ga , and figured Id have to settle with 10ga instead. I was all ready to get pierced, I picked out two 10ga stainless steel captive bead rings for my ears and for my eyebrow I had decided on a 14 gauge stainless steel curved barbell. I sat down in the chair and the guy placed a dot on each ear and gave me a mirror , and on my approval began to put some disinfectant stuff on my left ear first. I didn't expect much pain at all , since lobe piercing is such a common thing. There was a mirror infront of me on the wall so like a fool im watching the guy get my ear all ready to pierce. Im thinking to myself "this is not gonna hurt" then i see him put the needle through and im in total pain! it hurt about 5000 times more then I thought it would! That didnt hurt at all compaired to when he started to put the jewlry in, though, since I wanted to be pierced to 10ga , he had to put the 10ga ring in , and that hurt A LOT. He warned me that i would hurt, but of course I wouldnt beleve him. :) It was lesser for the right ear since i didn't watch him do it , and I was expecting a lot of pain. After he finished, my ears were throbbing, and he handed me the mirror to look at my new hardware. I liked a lot how they came out , and there was no blood or anything which made me feel a little bit better since i thought there was going to be big bloody chunks of my ear haning off the jewlry :)

Next it was time for my eyebrow to be pierced. I was very nervous since

I thought to myself that since my ears hurt like hell my eyebrow is going to be even worse! I closed my eyes after he showed me the dots he placed on my eyebrow and began to put on the antiseptic. He had finished and now he was putting the clamp on my eyebrow to get prepare for the piercing. I was so nervous I think I was holding my breath :) So then he put the needle through. It hardly hurt at all! I thought he hadnt put in the jewlry yet since I hadnt felt a thing, and he was telling me to open my eyes. I opend my eyes and looked in the mirror. Wow! my eyebrow was finished! It looked great and didnt even hurt at all! I was so excited to show my friends waiting outside for me. I stood up and realized my hands were shaking since I had them clenched so hard. I payed the guy and i stepped outside to the nice cold air which felt good on my new accessories :) I got some betadine at the first drug store I saw and was on my way! Its been 4 days since I got it and I have had no problems except a little soreness after cleaning everything. You can e-mail me [even though im pretty clueless to most piercing stuff] at [email protected]

take care and thanks for reading this :)

-Dan C. plaZtek


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 March 1998
in Eyebrow Piercing

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