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Eyebrow piercing at 15

    I had been wanting to get my eyebrow pierced for a about a month.

Last June i had gotten my tongue done and wanted to get something else. So I decided on my eyebrow. My birthday was coming up so i started asking my mom if i could get it done. She wasn't too cool with the idea of a "facial" piercing. She didn't even want me to get my tongue pierced. But my dad took me for that. I continued to bring it up to her and that it would be a nice b-day present for me but she still said no. Then i brought up the fact that i wanted either my eyebrow or my labret (i had wanted to get my labret pierced since a little after my tongue, she hated that idea)

That was what did it.

             She then said she would much rather me get my eyebrow done

than my labret. So then i just had to find a place to do it. I wanted it done soon and couldn't wait for the weekend for her to drive me to Seattle and get it done at Golden Bodyrings . So i called this place that was close to my house called Harley Hippie's. My mom drove me there the next day after school. It took me a while to pick out the jewelry. I couldn't decide what color ring. I was stuck between a pinkish color and teal. I chose the teal one after about 15 min. My friend said it would match my eyes. :) Then i signed the paperwork. Now it was time to get pierced!

      I followed the piercer into the room on the side of the shop.  He

had me sit there on a chair while he put the jewelry into a cleaning solution. Then he cleaned my eyebrow with a bit of iodine. Next he marked my eyebrow with a marker. I checked it in the mirror and ok'd it with him. Then he took a new needle and got it ready. Next came the clamp, i knew from when i got my tongue pierced that clamp pinches a bit so i expected it. He asked me to close my eyes and not open them until he told me to. I felt a sharp pinch! And the needle was thru. I didn't open my eyes though, and am glad i didn't because after we left my friend Amanda said that the needle was soo close to poking my eye out and if i would've opened it it would have! Oh well though. Back to the story.Next he put the jewelry in and had me go lay down on the table where he put the ball on the ring. The actual piercing hardly hurt at all! I was kinda surprised cuz i had been told that the eyebrow hurtz much worse than your tongue. But that wasn't the case at all. My tongue hurt more! But that wasn't even that bad. It all depends on how you deal with pain though.He gave me a care sheet then we walked back into the main store because my mom wanted to buy some oil. Then we went home.

Day 1 I was afraid to clean it the first time cuz i couldn't rotate it yet. And it was sore already. But i did anyway. It wasn't that bad, but it did hurt a little. That night before i went ot bed i put a band-aid over it so it wouldn't get irritated when i sleep.

Day 2 Yay!!! Today i get to go to school and have everyone see my newly pierced eyebrow! I cleaned it this morning with Dial soap and it hardly hurts now.

Day 7 My eyebrow was healing fine and i had the normal blood plasma secretions that would come out of it by now. It dries to form a crust around the opening's of the piercing. It's kinda gross but all piercings secrete it. It's a normal part of the healing process.

Week 7 My eyebrow doesn't hurt anymore at all but it still had blood plasma coming from it! I was starting to get worried about it so i emailed some piercers on AOL. About three out of the ten of them said it was infected, and two said it wouldn't heal right cuz i had an 18 gauge ring in it. They said it was too small of a gauge for most piercings besides ear lobes. So i wasn't sure who to belive or what to do so i called Kurt at Golden Bodyrings. He's the guy who pierced my tongue and i called him when i had questions about that. He said that i shouldn't worry about the blood plasma and that i could have it for up to 6 more weekz. But he did tell me that i should get a 16 gauge ring in it as soon as possible though. That made me feel much better! So i made an appointment for him to put in a 16 g ring in. That day i also had a 10 g barbell put in my tongue. I had a 12 g before.

Week 8 Now i've had my eyebrow pierced for 8 weeks and it doesn't have very much plasma coming from it anymore. It's almost completetly healed! Another successful piercing with not too many worries. :) If you have any questions about tongue, eyebrow or any other piercings pleeeze email me!!! I'd love to answer them!

Good luck and happy piercings!!!! :Þ HehEhEh :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Feb. 1998
in Eyebrow Piercing

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