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eyebrow piercing @ forbidden fruit

been mulling over the idea of getting a facial piercing of some sort for literally years. Both my earlobes were pierced twice, both times with a piercing gun. The first set when I was 11, at a pediatrican's office. My mother had not told me she was going to let me have `em done beforehand, so I was completely freaked and couldn't sit still and they came out uneven. The second time, I was 20 years old and on my honeymoon in Ocean City, Maryland, walking around on the boardwalk while my husband slipped into a video arcade to get out of the hot sun. Every third shop seemed to offer ear piercing, and I wanted something to commemorate my honeymoon that would be part of my everyday life, so....

But I put a lot of thought into getting my eyebrow pierced. My 25th birthday was coming up. Wow, 25! It seemed unreal, I wanted to mark it in a more significant way than dinner out & some forgettable gifts. I am not sure when my thoughts shifted to "gee, pierced eyebrows look cool" to "For my 25th birthday I am going to get my eyebrow pierced", but I started hitting the web to do some serious research. Spent hours on BME, Urban Primitives, and Gauntlet's websites. I asked around on rec.arts.bodyart. I also liked the idea of a nostril piercing, but I was concerned that it would get gunked up, as I have seasonal allergies (who doesn't in Texas!). A few folks on r.a.b assured me that allergies & colds had not interfered with their nostril piercings, so I figured, what the hell! I had official decided. I would get my left nostril and right eyebrow pierced. I asked around some more, this time for a recommendation on where to get it done. I got several suggestions, but the most recommendations were for Forbidden Fruit, so I called up for pricing info, and found out that I wouldn't need an appointment. I decided to do it the Saturday before my birthday.

The day rolled around & I was nervous as hell! My husband drove me down to Forbidden Fruit. The guy at the front counter helped me pick out appropriate jewelry... 18ga 5/16 stainless steel captive bead rings, for both. With malachite beads... my favorite! I was given a form to fill out, asking when I'd last eaten, did I have a history of fainting, etc. "How many times do I have to have fainted for it to be a 'history of fainting'?" I asked. "Once!" he told me, so yes, I have a history of fainting! (it was at the doctor's office when I was around 9, and had just gotten an injection) It was early October, and they were doing their annual "Fang Clinic", so while I awaited my turn (pacing... I was too antsy to sit!) I watched a woman checking out her new dental-quality vampire fangs. They looked so cool! I decided to get a pair next year. I think I was only waiting about half an hour, but it seemed like both an instant and an eternity until my name was called. Geneva, the woman who would be doing my piercings, seemed friendly and very competent. She swabbed off my eyebrow & nose with some sort of antiseptic and marked the spots for the piercings. I was a little surprised that she used toothpicks dipped in genitian violet ink instead of the marker I'd been half-expecting, but when I considered it, it made a lot of sense to me. While she got her equipment ready, she gave me a sheet of aftercare instructions to read. They were pretty familiar after all my research, but that was kind of reassuring.

Then she asked if I was ready! Well, I was as ready as I was gonna get. She did my nostril first. She put a recieving tube in my nose and positioned the needle. "Ok, take a deep breath... now let it out..." OUCH! It only took an instant. It hurt, worse than getting my ears pierced, not as bad as getting an IV put in. All of a sudden I felt really dizzy. Geneva had me lay down for a bit, and got me a cup of water. Soon I felt OK enough for her to put the jewelry in. The A/C blowing on my face felt SO nice.... as I started to feel 'normal' again, she went over the aftercare instructions with me, step-by-step, making sure I understood them. Then she asked if I still wanted to go ahead with the eyebrow piercing. You bet I did! She did this one with me lying down.

The clamps (forceps?hemostat?) she used on my eyebrow were uncomfortable, but not actually painful. "Ok, take a deep breath... now let it out..." This one hurt less, but seemed to take longer. I did not feel as sick or dizzy as I had after she did my nose, though... I expected it, but it just didn't come! So, she put the jewelry in and handed me a mirror. Wow! That chick with the nosering & pierced eyebrow was ME!

That was just under two weeks ago. So far, they're healing great! They were kind of sore for the first couple of days, but now they are not. They've started to look more like piercings, and less like "a bit of metal stuck through my skin". I had to switch brands of antibacterial soap when the brand I was using turned out to be a bit too strong & dried out my skin, but that's the only problem they've given me. My earrings gave me more trouble. I've gotten less grief over them at work than I was half-expecting. My boss commented that it looked barbaric, and a couple of customers asked me if it hurt, but that was it.

Well, that is my story so far (until I decide to get something else pierced!). All my thanks to the friendly folks on rec.arts.bodyart for answering all of my questions, to BME for being such a terrific resource, and especially to Geneva at Forbidden Fruit for doing such a great job!

Atalanta Pendragonne


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Nov. 1997
in Eyebrow Piercing

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