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my ouchy passy outy eyebrow stabbing experience

ou may call me a weakling for this, but about a month ago I had my eyebrow pierced. I'd been thinking about it for a long time, a very long time in fact. Initially I'd been completely against getting anything pierced, I was against every form of it, and tattooing too. So, being me, I went completely the opposite of what I had previously thought. I thought, maybe something discreet, maybe a nice hole in the ear, but what made me decide on an eyebrow ring was the fact that so many people here in London have their ears multiply pierced, and I didn't want to be seen as following the trend.

I ummed and aahed about where to have it done, it seems over here there are so many back-street hovels that offer to put holes in your head that you have a pretty hard time finding anywhere. Initially the price put me off, and I thought I may have to get a mate to do it, but then a lady leaving a shop (Chioko in Camden) told me that Metalmorphosis have special deals for students. I thought this was worth checking out, so I postponed my piercing for a while.

The next day I saw someone walk past me with a ring barely in their brow, it seemed as if it was clinging on to the hairs for dear life... then I realised I hadn't done any research at all! The club where I normally go (probably another reason for wanting a piercing) was full of people with 'metal shit in their heads', as my mate pete call it, so I decided to ask some of them. I heard various horror stories, and some good experiences too. It seemed like the best thing to do was to get a deep piercing, and to remember to have it on the side that you don't sleep on!

Remembering all this, I rang MM (metalmorphosis) and booked an appointment. My friend was supposed to be going with me, but he never turned up, so I went on my own. No offence to MM (or maybe it's cos I'm originally from a small town) but Bethnal Green is a scary area. Not feeling too good, I went in (early). I was paranoid that I'd miss my appointment, so when I arrived an hour early I had plenty of time to fill out my form. History of fainting... erm, not really, scabbiness...blood conditions... oh god, could you have a piercing if you were alive? It seemed there were so many things to check, well, at least they were thorough. I spent about half an hour picking a ring. It looked far bigger than I'd imagined, but the guy convinced me it was going to be fine. In my head there was a voice saying 'it's all going to look horrible!'.

I suppose that counts as doubt really, but maybe it was just nerves. I think it must have been nerves, because I like it now. Now most people have the room to themselves with the piercer, but I had about 5 students staring at exactly what the man was doing... paranoia or what? Thank god I wasn't having a genital piercing....

I think they must have thought I was a lunatic, I had to lie down on the bed thing to check which side I slept on, and then kept changing the position dots. Well, if you can't have it exactly the way you want it, don't have it at all.

I'm going to attempt to describe how it felt. There was no pain at all, it was freaky. I imagine my flesh must have been similar to chicken, if you stab chicken you get that weird feeling back up the knife where it's going through each layer of flesh, hmm, no this is odd to describe, well, suffice to say you could feel the needle passing through the skin, flesh, skin thing. Now comes the hurty bit.

The cannular (?) which he used to pull the ring through hurt like hell. Needle, no problem. Pulling the ring through? Ouch.

He then delicately dabbed the blood off with a cotton bud, and I was finished. The whole thing took less than a minute. I said thankyou and left.

I felt fine, and kept peering at myself in shop windows on the way back, hey I had a hole in my head, weird sensation. It was only when I went past a mirror shop I realised I was bleeding badly. Damn, I thought, how am I going to clean myself up? I have a two hour train ride back home and I never thought of this!

In the end I thought just ignore everyone and pretend you're foreign. It worked. However, half way along the Central line I began to feel really dodgy. Not just a bit wobbly, I mean REALLY dodgy. By this time there was blood runnning down my face and dripping off my chin... perhaps I ought to have sat down or something but everyone was staring and no one offered me their seat. I managed to get to the door and fell out at the next station. All I'm saying is, if you feel woozy, make sure you have a friend with you! I still haven't forgiven him for not coming along, although his nipple bar looks nice.

The good ending is, I got home safely (thankyou to the guy in macdonalds for giving me as much coke as I could drink) and it's healing nicely now.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1998
in Eyebrow Piercing

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