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Septum piercing-bad, but not as bad as they say!

Recently after I had my inverse navel pierced, I really wanted another piercing. I already had five but I am addicted! I decided that I would like to have septum piercing because they look so good on females, and I felt that my nose was one of my strongest features. After looking at pictures and reading experiences on this lovely website, I knew a septum piercing is what I wanted. I had always heard that septum piercings were very painful. In fact, they are supposedly the most painful facial piercing. After watching videos on YouTube of the piercings being done I was quite frankly nervous. Every video I watched, the person getting the piercing scrunched up their noses and their eyes watered like crazy! I did not care much about the pain because I was dead set on getting this piercing. I thought I would look so good with it!

Three weeks had passed since I decided on the septum piercing, and I was becoming so anxious. I asked my friends and I had great feedback from all of them. Finally the time came to tell my parents about my plans. My mother was against this to a great extent. She told me that I work for the government and it is not professional. I was still getting this piercing. I did not care one bit what she thought. I was going to get this piercing! Besides, I could get a face tattoo where I work and not get fired. My boss would probably like that idea. Ha. I work for an air force base but there is no piercing or tattoo policy for civilians is in place. Since my mother was so against this, I decided to get the piercing with a retainer to start with so she did not have to look at it. I went to work that Friday morning with my mind set that I would have that piercing by the evening. After work I went to pick up my friend Alysseh who would come with me to hold my hand in case I cry. We set o ff to the tattoo parlor! I was so excited to get this piercing. I had been waiting for so long!

We walked inside and Rozz greeted us. He is the guy who has done all six of my piercings. I told him I wanted a septum piercing with a sixteen gauge retainer. He informed me that retainers did not go that small, so I decided on a fourteen gauge piercing instead. We went into the piercing room that I was all too familiar with. I asked him what method he would use. Free hand, a clamp, or a receiving tube. He informed me that he would use a receiving tube. Rozz washed his hands and put on some gloves and began feeling around in my nose, which was an experience all on its own. He found my sweet spot and marked it up. Since I could not really look in a mirror to see if I like the placement I just had to trust him that it would be straight. I did. I always have trusted him to give me a perfectly placed piercing.  After he marked up my nose and put that stinky cleanser stuff on it, he replaced his gloves and placed the tube against my septum. He told me to sit still and to not move

my nose. He also said to try and breathe through my mouth. He was in front of me so he also said not to groin kick him because it had happened before! I was warned that it would be an easy piercing but it would be really intense, like being punched in the face. I had never been punched in the face so this did not help much! I wasn't really nervous, just anxious. I was instructed to inhale deeply and on the count of three, exhale. Then the needle went through. I felt it tug through the layers of skin and pop through the other side. It was entirely unpleasant and painful. It was almost like a shock and a weird adrenaline rush as I felt the needle go through. Then the eyes started to water. I sat there with a needle through my face as he got the retainer. He said it would be a weird sensation since there would be a lot of movement there. He was right. It was such an unpleasant experience but not painful, it was just really weird feeling. My retainer was in and it looked fanta stic! He warned me that I should tug on it to make sure it heals straight because septums have a tendency to heal crooked because your facial muscles don't move completely even.

I was told to wash it twice a day with antibacterial soap and do salt soaks once in between the cleanings. He said to gently pull down on it when I clean it so the soap gets inside the hole.

Now it has been almost two weeks and it is doing great. It doesn't even hurt anymore unless I bump it on something! I am so glad I got this piercing. It is by far my favorite! If you want this piercing but are not completely sure, I would say go for it!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Dec. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Rozz
Studio: Monkey+Bones+Tattoo+and+Piercing
Location: Beavercreek%2C+Ohio

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