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Wasn't nearly as bad as expected.

For quite some time I had wanted to get another facial piercing, but still be able to get a decent job that wouldn't require me to take it out. Then it occurred to me... SEPTUM! So simple! Hide it while at work or with the old people (parents). So I decided to have Kala do it seeing as there isn't a single other place on this damn island that doesn't either overcharge or have no clue what they are doing.

I was so nervous when I was going to get it done that I invited my friend Tara to come with. We got to Sin City and were greeted by Kala and soon after I told him what I wanted.

I sat down and watched him get everything ready and he went through the whole professional procedure and at that point when he was getting ready to do it I thought to myself "shitshitshitshit it's too late to back out now shitshitshitshit". So I took a deep breath and let Kala get to work. After he put the clamp on and pushed the needle through I turned around to look at my friend who was watching through the window and she looked like she wanted to throw up. The worst part of the whole thing I would have to say was transferring the jewelry in and the pain of my eyeliner running into my eyes from my eyes watering.

I was so stoked on it! It was perfect! Although it did take a little while to get used to seeing it on my face.

After Kala finished cleaning up and sanitizing the area we talked story for a little while and that's when it kind of hit me. People say your septum is one of the most painful piercings that you can get but I handled it just fine. If I could get my septum and nipples pierced just fine, then shoot! Everything else shouldn't be too bad either!

After we left it was tender and started to throb but it was nothing horrible. The trouble with the septum piercing is I do a lot of stupid stuff and when I do the stupid stuff I have the habit of smacking myself in the face... ouch. I would always hit the piercing and lord almighty that's what hurt. Sometimes I would hit it so hard it would start bleeding (apparently I'm not a fast learner).

After I broke that habit it started healing up great. It did start getting the signature cheesy smell but it didn't bother me too much. Just clean twice a day and in about a week it goes away.

When I first started flipping it up around the house to avoid giving my mother a heart attack or a reason to kick me out it felt like I had giant boogers stuck in my nose. It was uncomfortable and awkward. But after about say... 2 weeks I didn't even notice it anymore. Now the ring is sort of my new plaything. I like tugging on it and flipping it up and down and getting it stuck over my nose.

The only reason that my mother found out was because I took a shower and went to dry my hair in her room and she saw it because I forgot to put it back up. She got PISSED and told me "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE? YOU LOOK LIKE LIVESTOCK!!" So a couple weeks later I told her that I took it out so she would get off my ass about it... buuuut I was in my room being really bored and tired after painting it and I took the paint can opener and hooked it onto my septum. It was amusing for a couple seconds until I realized I couldn't get it back off (told you I did stupid stuff). So I had to suck it up and have my mom help me get it off.

My mother isn't the only one that hates it. My best friend hates it, too. Everytime I go and hang out with her she tells me to put my "bull thing" away. I got teased about it for a little while, but I like it and that's really all that matters.

Truthfully, I think getting my nostril pierced hurt far worse. I wasn't very fond of having the cork shoved up my nose and then the pain of that one SUCKED. Now all over the place people pull me to the side or stop me in the halls asking, "oh, did that hurt?" I just kinda shrug and tell them "it feels like a needle going through your face and that's about it" Apparently not as many people have septum piercings around here as I thought.

Now some odd months later I'm actually thinking about stretching it.

Thanks Kala.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Kala+Kaiwi
Studio: Sin+City+Tattoos+and+Piercing
Location: Hilo%2C+Hawaii

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