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Please do not destroy my nose!

So herein lays my latest experience with body modification. It was somewhat scary, which I will get to in the proceeding story. For background, let me tell you briefly about my resume of past body modifications as they may relate to my descriptions:

I have had my nipples pierced 3 times each a vertical nape over top of a horizontal, my ears both once, and a madison twice. My experience related here is a re-piercing of my once 8 gauge septum, taken out around 3 years ago. I have not had any piercings in for about that long, as well.

Onto the experience, then:

I was tripping around Canada with my friend and decided to stop in at a piercing studio my friend used to be shop "bitch" at. I had been thinking about re-piercing my septum for a few months, and that day seemed about as good as any. The regular piercers were not in, but their apprentice was. She had about a year under her belt, but had never done a septum and was not willing to pierce mine.

However, upon telling this apprentice that my septum had been pierced at 8 gauge for years, she thought it would be relatively straight forward to re-open the piercing. The procedure would be to stick an 18 gauge taper into my nose and see if it went through. Onto the chair I went, and a topical anesthetic was applied. This was the first time I had ever had that done to one of my piercings, but hey, I hear things have changed since I was into piercing and my friend was with me, who somewhat keeps on top of these things so I did not ask any questions.

She lined up and wiggled the taper in, and it took about a minute to get it "almost" through. Apparently there was just a small layer of skin on the opposite side of the hole that was preventing it from going in. After another couple minutes of wiggling, the idea of nicking the other end of the piercing with a needle to get the piercing through was suggested by my friend. I shrugged, I did not see how this could be a bad idea. A quick poke and the taper was through.

At this point, I was not really prepared to put an 18 gauge ring in my nose. I am a big guy; I am well over 6 feet, and 225 pounds. So our next step was to slide a 14 gauge taper through. No problem! At this point, I am not feeling anything in the slightest. After a quick breath, I urge the piercer to try sliding an 8 gauge through. My friend is shaking his head at me, having had his nose stretched to 4 gauge, and knowing how painful this could possibly be. I am not shy about inflicting pain on myself, so I thought let's try it.

The 8 gauge taper slid right through! I honestly did not even feel it. I was impressed, and happy. Here is where things started to go wrong, though. I had decided on a captive bead ring, as I like how these look. She chose one that was much too small for my nose, the gap for the bead was nowhere near large enough to fit around my septum, but she kept prodding at it for almost 5 minutes trying to get it to fit. Eventually I just said "try a bigger ring, as long as it doesn't rest on my upper lip."

She found a bigger ring, and used pliers to bend it way out of shape so it would definitely fit. It did, easily, although my nose was starting to get a little bit sore at all the prodding. Now when she went to close the ring, she simply did not have the wrist strength to close the ring. She reefed on my nose for 15 minutes or so trying to close this ring. I was literally terrified her hands were going to slip and clamp the pliers onto my septum.

Eventually my friend stepped in, washed and gloved up, and closed the ring with little fanfare. Unfortunately by this point my nose had been twisted back and forth for practically 20 minutes trying to finish the piercing, and I feared I was looking forward to a complicated healing process due to trauma caused by the extended procedure.

One month later, my septum is slightly infected, and still very tender. I do not believe anything has been torn, but the whole experience was a little bit amateur for my tastes. I do not feel I was the victim of unprofessionalism, and in fact mostly blame myself for the complications as she was an apprentice, and had not done anything like that before. On the plus side, the piercing looks great and I feel good to have a piercing back in. I am rather active so I do not know how long I plan on keeping this. I suppose at least until it's properly healed, I know enough not to pull this out while its infected.

Name of the shop and piercer withheld, as she was very sweet, charged me practically nothing, and I respect the shop, my friend, and the rest of the piercers there and do not feel like slandering any of their good names.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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