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Grad Present

Well around three monthts ago, I got my first facial piercing. It was a spur of the moment thing even though I had been wanting to get something done for the longest time. Anyways back on topic, my friend was over the day after my graduation party and offered to pay for a piercing for my present. She offered mostly because she couldn't think of anything else I wanted, and knew I had always wanted to get something pierced. I was like hell ya, and was ready to get it done. We both thought I should get my lip pierced, but sadly my parents had shot down that idea so many times in the past that we didn't even bother with it at least for now (I will get my lip pierced one day for sure!). My parents have never really agreed with the whole piercing thing, unless it's your ears, believing that it's pointless and stupid. In the end I decided on getting my nose done. It had to be one of my top five have to have piercings.

So after I ran the idea past my parents, which they surprisingly agreed, we drove over to wingnut, stopping of course to get coffee before hand which was a big mistake. The drive over there seemed to take forever, ignoring the fact we got coffee, and it didn't help that I was starting to get nervous. Sure I wanted that piercing, but i'm defienately not a fan of needles. Being stuck with them, even though it doesn't hurt badly just seems to freak me out to no end. Plus i've seen the size of those needles before, mostly on videos of people getting pierced on youtube, and they were huge at least to me. At one point I felt like chickening and getting it another day, but if I did that I would never get it done so I stuck it out and headed inside.

There had only been one other time I had ever been in wingnut for anything, and that was to watch my friend get tattooed (the same one paying for my piercing). It was a cool little shop, and seemed clean enough. I went up to the desk/counter (whatever you want to call it) and asked about getting my nose pierced. They told me I could get it done right away, and had me fill out the appropriate paper work. Luckily that day I remembered my id, because stupid me it never occurs to me that I need to use the stupid thing for stuff other then driving at times. After that they told me it would be just a few minutes while they prepped the room and my friend and I waited looking through the artists books they had out. This got me thinking on getting a tattoo, and I had calmed down a bit until they called me back. At this point I felt like I could throw up, the coffee from earlier defienatly wasn't helping at all. The piercer, who I found out was named Joel (he was pretty hot by the way) asked about what kind of jewelery I wanted and talked about what he was going to do step by step. That calmed me down a bit.

Though anyways it was time for the piercing. He placed a dot on my nose marking where it would go, only to redo until it was in the perfect spot. He showed me where it was and I okayed it. Laying down on the table seemed to help a bit also. At least I knew I wouldn't have to worry about falling over if I passed out or something. He placed the clamp on my nose, and then stuck like a pipe or something up my nose which felt weird, and began the countdown, shoving the needle through my nose. Not going to lie it defienately stung, but it wasn't that bad. The pain was pretty much nonexistent after a couple minutes, and didn't hurt unless I bumped it. My friend thought I was crying because my eye that was on the side of my piercing began watering so badly. Once it was all done I got a good look at my wonderful new piercing. It was perfect in my opinion, and everyone I showed it to seemed to like it also. There were hardly any problems with it as well while healing, and was fairly ea sy to take care of. The only real problem I had with it was I have a bad habit of itching my nose, and not being use to having my nose pierced I bumped or snagged it soo many times it made me want to cry. So now it's been roughly three months and it's fully healed, and it doesn't bother me to touch it at all also. I'm currently trying to coax my parents into letting me get another piercing, and hopefully i'll have another new experience to share with you all.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Joel
Studio: Wingnut
Location: St.+Cloud%2C+Mn

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