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Always something there to remind me...

I have a confession to make: nostril piercings and myself? Probably not the best combination. The first time I had it done, it was with a gun...at a hair dressers...when I was 11...and by a girl who looked to be on substances that are considered illegal in Australia (I swear, I wasn't trying to break every body piercing "rule". I was uneducated!). That got ripped out a day later, on a towel. I shoved it back in, cried a bit, and loved it until it fell out in my sleep a few months later. The second time? One of my friends decided it'd be fun to do a plaster cast of my face. Because she's awesome, she put it straight over the piercing, so when it dried, it ripped the poor little guy out.

So, as you can imagine, I was a little nervous when I went to get it done for the third time at Purely Piercing. Why'd I want it done again after all the pain? Well, my dad had paid for me to get it done the first time as a Christmas present. He died a few months later, so it was sort of the last present from him, and something that whenever I looked at it, reminded me of the time my very strict father let his pre-teen daughter get a chunk of metal shot through her face. And other good memories, of course :P

My mum and I got there at midday, and the receptionist handed my mum a pile of forms to fill out (I was 14 at the time). They checked to see if she was my legal guardian - I think they wanted to see her Medicare card. Then I was told to read over the forms, so I knew what I was getting into. When they were sure that it was all good, we paid $45 for the piercing and titanium jewellery (I'm allergic to most other metals)

I waited on the couch for about 30 minutes while Lisa piercing someone else, and then she came out and told me to hop into the back area. The back area was incredibly clean and tidy, and the hall where the piercing rooms were was separated from the main area by a curtain.

She asked me if I had any questions about anything, and she answered all of them clearly. She then explained the procedure to me, and Lisa put a pair of gloves on, and showed me the colour strips to prove that everything had been autoclaved. She then asked me to pick out my jewellery. When I said that this jewellery was different to what I'd been pierced with before, she explained the difference between nose screws and nose bones.

She changed gloves again, and marked the spot where she thought she should pierce - she marked it slightly higher than normal to avoid going through the scar tissue from the previous two piercings. I thought it looked awesome, and so on.

The piercing itself didn't really hurt - if I'm remembering correctly, getting the jewellery in hurt the most. It's always a fun experience to go cross-eyed and see something sticking out of your nose, though! As I say to anyone who asks, the pain of a nose piercing is pretty much over before you notice that it hurts.

After the piercing was done, my nose started bleeding. Lisa told me to sit, gave me a drink, and looked after me until it stopped and I was able to stand.

Back out in the reception/waiting area, she handed me a pamphlet on aftercare, a large bottle of saline solution, and a small bag full of lollies (candy, for you non-Australians). She then explained the aftercare to me - cotton wool ball soaked in the saline solution over the nose for a few minutes a day, clean the crusties off the inside with a saline soaked cotton bud, hands off, don't take it out -, and told me to come back if there were any problems, at all.

I'd definitely recommend Lisa and Purely Piercing to anyone. The staff are friendly, and know what they're doing.

After a few weeks, I got The Bump. However, it disappeared once I went on a school camp, which is a bit weird. Don't piercings usually get worse when you're on a camp? I'm putting it down to not having to cover it every day (my high school had a rule about covering all piercings with band-aids. They once tried to make my friend cover her tongue piercing...). Just a note, covering a piercing with a band-aid? A really bad idea.

Four years on, and it's perfect. It's healed, I can change the jewellery and it looks adorable. I do wish people would notice it, though! It's kinda frustrating to get "Dude, did you get your nose pierced?" and get a really confused look when you go "Yeah. Four years ago".

The other plus? Whenever I look at it, I remember my dad. It's a little reminder that I always have with me, and I don't have to explain it to anyone unless I want to. It's definitely helped me deal with his death.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Lisa
Studio: Purely+Piercing
Location: Geelong%2C+Victoria%2C+Australia

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