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Speeding Ticket Piercing

When I was 8 I got my first set of piercings on my ears. I got the first one done and cried for nearly an hour about the pain before letting the lady do the piercing on the other side. I got it done with the gun and unfortunately I believe the sound was what scared me more than any amount of pain I may have felt. I decided I hated piercings and would never get any more. For almost four years after that I had an extreme fear of piercings from the memory of that day. I decided that I liked my first set of earrings, so I wanted another set when I was 12. I got them done, and they didn't hurt nearly as much ad I remembered or thought they might. After I got those second sets done I looked in the mirror and fell in love with the shinny bits of metal and fake gems in my ears. A few years later I got a third set on the bottom one on the side and one on the top of my ear. I had fallen in love with piercings.

I live in a small town, so not many people have piercings in really crazy or noticable places but I wanted to get one that stood out, like a facial piercing. I was also running out of room on my ears and knew that my parents would hate a facial piercing I liked the thought of eyebrow but got a serious lecture from my parents on the ugliness and stupidity of them even though I still love them as I did with my ideas on tongue piercings. When I mentioned a nose piercing I got a lecture but not quite as stern as the other ones.

A few weeks after I decided to go on a trip to another town about an hour away from where I live. As I was driving there with a bunch of my friends we were having a bit to much fun singing to the music and I got pulled over by the cops. First road trip and I got a ticket. I was scared to tell my parents Me being only 16 and using my dads car after getting a huge speech on safe driving One of my friends mentioned something about doing other crazy things and I thought about a piercing/tattoo place a friend had told me about in the town. I was laughing and joking about how mad my parents would be when they found out about the ticket that I might as well add a piercing to the list they were mad about.

We drove around the town to do some shopping but as we hit the stores the power to the whole town went out. We went to the piercing place Tattoo4U to see if they were open...to my great excitement and fear they were. We walked in and asked about the piercings, signed the papers and I joked with the piercers about the liabilites and how many deaths were caused a year by nose piercings as far as they had heard there were none which made me feel a little better. I picked out my jewelery a little blue screw which I recommend to the L-shaped or pins I was led to the room after convincing my friends to get piercings as well but to let me go first.

I sat in the chair and the girl went about opening the needle, sterilizing the nose stud, cleaning my nose and putting a cork up my nose when I asked what was with the cork she told me the needle could go through and hit my septum if that wasn't there so I decided that the cork wasn't so uncomfortable She told me she would put the stud and needle through at the same time so I wouldn't have to deal with two pains, just one...I liked that idea. She approached my nose and I squeezed my eyes as tight as they would go. I felt the needle go through my nose, I won't lie it did hurt a little and I have a high tolerance for pain, but it was over in seconds and I asked if it was over, when she said it was I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror. I almost screamed in joy with how much I loved it. Everyone in the shop told me how much it suited me and I stood up to show it off and let my friend get her ears done again.

At first when I stood I was fine but suddenly got dizzy and had to sit down, drink some water and calm down. She said since I had been so nervous before hand and it was suddenly over that my addrenaline had just dropped and I got a bit of a head rush. After a few minutes I was fine and in love with my new jewel in my face. I had heard lots of people complain that they could always see it once they got it done, out of the corner of their eye. I only could if I looked straight down, and I loved it so much that I constantly looked down to check it out.

When I got home I cleaned it with some solution that i got at the store saline from Tattoo4U and kept cleaning it until the solution was gone. It never got infected and it was almost four and a half months ago. At one point I tried to take it out and it got swollen and I couldn't get the thick screw back in so I had to put an L-shaped stud in until the swelling went down only took a few hours and since then I haven't tried to take it out. Nothing has gone wrong with it and the only recommendations I have is to use store bought solution its quicker and easier and overall better and to NEVER use the gun always get it down with a needle. My friend got it done with a gun and she has a huge ball under the skin of scar tissue and she can barely move it without it causing her pain and shes had it for almost four years now. Guns also give really bad placement.

I recommend this piercing to everyone who wants it because even when I came home my parents didn't notice for a few hours and my boss I'm a cashier at a pharmacy didn't even notice until my friend pointed it out. My boss didn't like it but she said that it was mine to deal with and she hated the look of it but she wouldn't make me take it out. She's grown to not mind it so much, and I haven't gotten ANY comments from people about it even though my parents said I would. It is a very accepted piercing in society and I would say to anyone who wants it to go for it!! It's an awesome piercing and isn't very painful. I now want to get a tongue piercing and maybe an eyebrow...I just need to get another ticket so my parents will have other reasons to be mad!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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