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Seizure Right After Nose Piercing

Just to start this off, I would like to say that I am not scared of needles at all, And I don't ever faint or feel sick when seeing needles or blood.

I only had each of my earlobes pierced, and I wanted to get my right nostril pierced. My mom took me and three friends to the studio today to get it done, and with the stud and cleaning supplies it cost $110 (the stud was pretty expensive because it was high quality).

The guy took me into the back room and I sat on the gurney thing (a raised padded hospital style bed) which was against a wall and had this metal railing along the back that was raised about 3 inches. I sat on this and he cleaned my nose with a q-tip and marked the spot he was going to pierce with a marker. The first mark was a little off so he removed it and made a new one. I O.K.'d this one.

He put the clamps to my nose, slightly above the dot so that it could be removed once the stud was in. Then he took the needle and quickly pushed it through my nostril cartilage. The pain was not very bad, and I only felt a dull all around pain in my nose after that was done. I think the key to feeling less pain was that I was relaxed, and kept my eyes closed so i didn't see the big needle on my face. He put the stud (screw?) in my nose and handed me a mirror to look at it with. I really liked it and my mom took a picture of it for me.

About one or two minutes after the piercing, while my mom was showing the picture to my friends, I felt really light headed and dizzy all of a sudden, and my vision started to blur. I closed my eyes and leaned back against the wall thinking that I was just experiencing a bit of a shock after the piercing.

The next thing I remember is my mom touching my shoulder and telling me that I had just had a seizure. This is what happened as far as I know from what my mom and friends have told me:

I fainted, and fell over to my right side and hit my head on the metal bar on the bench. I was face down and passed out when they noticed, probably a couple seconds after I fell over. My mom came over and rotated me onto my side so that my face wasn't pressed up against the metal and the wall. I opened my eyes and looked at her lie I was coming to, then my eyes rolled back in my head and I started convulsing. I had a Grand Mal seizure for about 10 seconds, which is pretty short but I'm sure it felt long to my mom and friends. It was my first seizure ever, and I was very disoriented afterwards. I couldn't remember the name of the guy who had come with me when my mom was asking me some questions, and for about 30 minutes afterwards I was really slow to understand what people were saying and had trouble answering conceptual questions.

I have an appointment for a EEG (brain test) to see if I have a predisposition that makes me susceptible to seizures.

I just want to share my story with people because when I was reading up on the piercing, I had never heard of this happening to anyone. Fainting is common as far as I am aware, but seizing is not. If you have a family history of seizures (which I don't) you might want to consider this as a possible risk, but I don't think it is common.

The guy doing my piercing said that people faint and shake all the time, but I think he was being rather flippant about the whole thing. Somehow, I doubt that people have Grand Mal seizures all the time after getting their nose pierced. My mom (luckily) is a nurse and recognized it as more than just a case of hyper ventilation (which didn't happen) or squeamishness. the doctor I went to said that she isn't sure what caused the seizure, but it is likely that it was brought on by stopping breathing when I passed out, or it is possible that I have a predisposition. Whatever it is, I am definitely going to figure out what caused it, and probably not get another piercing for a long while.

Don't be too concerned that you will have a seizure if you get your nose pierced, because my piercer person did a great job, everything was sterile and perfect, and I felt fine afterwards. It is a small risk, but most people will probably never experience this, especially a seizure brought on by a nose piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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