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Not too eventful nostril!

Let me introduce myself, in a kind of anonymous way! I'm sixteen, I live in the UK and before this nose piercing, my only experience with body modifications was my gunned lobes... and watching my mother get her ankle get tattooed on a rather drunken night in Ayia Napa, but that's another story!

I don't know why I suddenly wanted my nostril pierced, because, as I've said, I'd never had any interest in piercings before. In fact, when my (younger) sister had another set of lobe piercings, I felt sick! So, I was a shocked as anyone when I found myself admiring other peoples lip piercings and tattoos.

I mentioned this to my mum, who wasn't too thrilled about the idea of a lip piercing; even though I only had a week of 'real' school left, then exam leave, she thought they may be funny about a lip piercing as they're more 'noticeable'. So, I thought a nostril piercing would be rather cool without being to dramatic, in the eyes of my school!

I had in mind a place in Leicester that had always looked good for piercings, and good reviews online, so my mum phoned them up only to find the piercer was on holiday. Shame, I thought, whilst secretly getting nervous at even the idea of booking the appointment. However, with a little help from some friendly online forum people and some other pierced people at school, I found a piercing studio right on my doorstep that would be just fine.

I was, however, still behaving like a major wimp and refusing to set a date for this piercing. I know, I'm pathetic! I really wanted it, but the thought of setting a time for it made me nervous and basically scared!

But, after a particularly nasty religious studies GCSE exam, I walked, or rather wobbled to the car, with those awful post exam nerves. My mum said to me "Come, on, lets go get your nose pierced!" Me being me, and a shaken me at that, shook my head straight away and just asked for chocolate, and a lot of it, instead of a needle shoved through my nose! My mum laughed at me and tried to encourage me but I was adamant. So, we drove past the studio, with me feeling pretty disappointed with myself.

Back home, and a cookie later, I was still feeling upset that I'd missed my chance. I took a deep breath and forced my cowardly self to ask my mum to drive me to the studio, which is luckily only five minutes away.

The studio was upstairs and I'm surprised I managed to get up those stairs, I was feeling so shaky! There was a girl at the front desk who introduced herself as Hayley, and said no-one was booked in so she could do the piercing now. I was there, so I nodded and she showed into the piercing room, which was clean, spacious and airy. She got me to fill in the forms, asked if I'd drunk alcohol recently etc etc. After these had been completed, she told me she would be using a titanium nose screw for the jewellery. She showed me the selection of different colours, all individually bagged. I opted for a pretty kind of multicoloured one. She then asked me to sit on the couch, which she had just covered with a fresh length of tissue paper. She put on a new pair of latex gloves, laid out the clamps and other equipment on the tray beside the couch, and asked me which side of my nose I wanted pierced. I decided upon my right side because... I'm right handed I guess, that's the only rando m reason!

She wiped my nose with antiseptic, marked a spot on my right nostril, handed me a mirror to show the placement, which I said was fine. She changed her gloves again, asked me to lie down, and clamped my nostril. At this point, I said in a pathetic voice "Does it hurt?" to which she replied "I won't lie, it will pinch, but take a deep breath and it will be fine".

I breathed in as she pushed the needle through, and before I could begin to think it was hurting, she was putting in the jewellery. Nowhere near as bad as I thought! I made to sit up, and immediately lay down again; I felt so sick and faint! Hayley was great, opening the window straight away, got me out a red bull, and told me to breathe deeply. A few minutes later, I got up, still a bit woozy, and Hayley made me sit by the window, and she wouldn't let me go until I was totally fine; I still had to get down those stairs!

I made it down to pay my £25, clutching the aftercare kit I'd been given. I really like my nostril piercing, I followed the aftercare advice and I've had no problems so far. I would really recommend Tattoo Inc, I felt very comfortable there!

Thanks for reading!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Hayley
Studio: Tattoo+Inc
Location: Kettering

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