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A small taste , and I want more .

 My parents were never into the idea of their first born daughter being interested in tattoos, piercings, and body modifications.I had always asked for something outrageous, such as a septum or lip, or the nape of my neck. They were always immediately against the idea, but after doing a little bit of thinking, and sucking up I had finally asked them to get my nose pierced. Alas, it was a rare opportunity when they gave me a "maybe" when I asked them about getting my nostril pierced. I had wanted something pierced ever since I could remember, and I figured my nose would be prefect. Discreet, tiny, and it would be something a lot of people would see. The only catch was that I keep the stud in it.  When I finally got the go ahead from my parents, I figured I would go to the same piercing place that my best friend, Nicole went to. She had always raved about them, and I thought it was best to go to a reputable place instead of the first place advertising the fact that they did


She has had multiple piercings done there, including her lip, eyebrow, and her nose. I had also seen her sister get her eyebrow and tounge done there, and none of their piercings had gotten infected (unless it was their own wrongdoings) and I had also watched them do a lot of her piercings. The people at Blackwork tattoo were always professional, courteous, and clean. I figured it would be the best place to get it done. On my way there I became very excited and nervous about what it would feel like. I just wanted the moment to be there already, I wasn't worried about any pain because I have a high pain tolerance and I knew I wouldn't have a problem. I was just excited to finally be getting something I knew I wanted, and that I knew I would want for a very long time.

When I got there, my piercing was almost put on hold because I didn't have a form of photo I.D that would prove to the receptionist that I really was my mothers daughter, but luckily I carried my school issued I.D with me. After I filled out what seemed to be a thousand waivers and forms, and picked out the jewelry, the piercer led me to his cubicle, which had a very homely atmosphere to it. The walls were covered in pictures and there was also a small fish tank. I was seated down and he explained the procedure to me, along with showing me the cleaned jewelry and wrapped needles.

After cleaning out my nose, and marking the exact spot on my right nostril that I wanted it on, the piercer (Chino) stuck a large metal tube up my nose (this part was slightly uncomfortable). Within three seconds, there was a three-inch needle sticking out of my nose , and a very green mother watching. I had opened up my eyes mid process and gotten a little creeped out, but I knew I was in good hands. Putting the jewelry in also created an awkward feeling, but I didn't care. I was just happy to finally be in the moment and finished. The process itself didn't hurt, but my right eye became very watery and the piercing started to bleed a little bit, but that was cleaned up and I was very satisfied with the new jewelry on my face. When I stood up I felt a little dizzy, but the feeling went away rather quickly.

Some people wonder why I picked the right side of my nose instead of the typical left side, but I figured it would have added a bit more originality to the piercing and I also have a strange complex about getting any needles on my left side. Even at the doctors, everything must be done on the right side.

Afterwards, it felt a little awkward, and I was constantly aware of the fact that there was a hook in my nose, but eventually I got over that. My piercing healed quite nicely, and never got infected. I was happy and I constantly get compliments on it. I like changing the rings from an actual hoop, to a stud, or vice versa. My mother was not happy about the fact that I did not keep my promise to just keep a stud in it, but I like it better with the hoop, and it is generally more comfortable for me. I recommend Chino at Blackwork tattoo in Little Falls, NJ to anybody who is looking to get a piercing done. He really is one of the best piercers that I know about, and hes very professional. I have more piercings planed in my future including my septum, hips, lip, and the nape of my neck.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Chino
Studio: Blackwork+tattoo+and+piercing
Location: Little+Falls+%2C+NJ

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