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The worst pain yet.

So, I've always been a bit of a piercing freak. (I'm a bit of a tackle-box.) I got my first piercing only a year ago and a half, and it has since spiraled from one to seven piercings(three lip piercings, a septum, my ears and my dermal anchor on the back of my neck), so obviously I have at least a little experience with pain levels, and with knowing where my sweet spots are.

I decided a couple of months ago to get my nostrils done, one on each side, and once I finally got the money, there was no stopping me. When I get an idea for a piercing, I get so anxious that I can't even wait a couple of days. If I know I can get it that day, I WILL. Usually it causes a row with my parents, but I can't help it! That's just the way I am. I am so in the moment, it's not even funny.

Anyway, I'd already had my septum pierced, and it was a piece of cake. Amy (my piercer) had tried to talk me out of it because she said that hers had hurt really bad, but like I mentioned earlier, there's really no point trying to stop me. When I got that done, there was almost no pain at all. So, I figured, hey, a nostril piercing will be about the same. It's your nose, same thing!

WRONG. Oh, I was so wrong.

I went into Amy's House of Pain in Creston, Iowa, (who, by the way, has done all my work. I highly recommend her) and told her what I wanted. I was going to start with my right side first, and so I sat down and she cleaned the area, etc. There's no point in filling out papers anymore, she sees me pretty much every month nowadays.

So, as she went to pierce me, I was anticipating it so badly that I kept wrinkling up my nose, and so I finally had to grab someones hand and squeeze it tight so that she could pierce me.

She put the receiving tube in, and then without any warning at all, she just SHOVED it through. I jumped almost out of the chair in shock. My eyes watered and my nose bled.

It was... seriously... the most HORRIBLE piercing I've ever gotten. It hurt so bad. I was a little taken aback by how much pain it caused me. I had expected the same or less pain as a septum piercing, but it was far far worse. I cried for a good ten minutes at least, and was truly a bleeder. When she put the jewelry in I thought I might pass out. She gave me some juice and I was O.K, but still a little faint and dizzy.

I went outside, and the air hit my nose. That was the weirdest sensation. I kept having to blow my nose, too, which really sucked. After a few days I developed a technique to blow my nose, which looked kind of goofy, but I couldn't touch it very well without hurting myself. (note to anyone wanting a nose piercing, wait until you're sure you're healthy. The end of winter is NOT a good time.)

After a few days though the pain subsided, and was just a little tender for a couple more weeks. A nostril piercing is pretty easy to take care of, actually. Just sea salt it twice a day, soap and water twice a day, and lots and lots of cotton swabs. (Those will save your life, I swear to you.)

After a few months when I was satisfied that it was at least mostly healed, I decided to go back and get the left side done. I was feeling a little lopsided.

So I scrounged for cash and finally I went back. I went through all the stuff again, but sadly, the person I took along with me wasn't much of a hand holder, so I had to go it alone.

Amy shoved that sucker through, I jumped about a mile, cried for a couple of minutes, but was finally just happy it was done. The adrenaline was kicking, and I felt fine after a few hours.

Besides the actual needle going through, putting the stud in is the second worst feeling about getting your nose done. I just shut my eyes and went to my happy place, knowing it'd all be worth it in the end.

For anyone thinking about a nose piercing, I would highly recommend one. I've heard that most people find it an easy piercing, and I think its pretty rare to find someone who finds it so painful, like myself. I think I'm just a big baby.

It's also pretty easily hidden, and much more acceptable in a work setting. It's pretty cheap, (about 40 dollars at Amy's) and a nice quick healing period.

For me, it was the most pain, but from it, I've gotten the most pleasure.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Amy
Studio: Amy%27s+House+of+Pain
Location: Creston%2C+Iowa

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