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Septum Piercing; here is my tale.

Hello there, I am Rory.

This is the story of my septum piercing's life. It is not very eventful but I'll do my best to make it interesting for you!

I always really wanted my septum pierced. The fact that it can be hidden is a massive plus factor in my opinion, especially for those people who need to hide it due to school or work.

There is also the fact that it leaves virtually no visible scar behind.

It was January 5 and about 4 o' clock. I was by myself in town and I had a bit of spare cash on me. Meh, I decided I would go get me a daith piercing as I wanted to do some more ear work.

I strolled into Tattoo Zoo and was greeted my favourite piercer; Noel.

I proceeded to ask him for a daith piercing. He went in to the back and after about 5 minutes or so he came back out again and apologised to me as he did not have the right tools or jewellery or something for it, I can't remember to be honest.

Disappointed, I told him it was alright and I left. I bought a pack of cigarettes and sat down somewhere and rang my friend, who has her septum pierced.

She convinced me to get my septum pierced that day. I had always really wanted it done but I never really taught when I would get it, I always imagined it would be in the distant future to be honest.

After a while I walked back into the studio and told Noel that I was back to get my septum pierced, but I needed it to be discrete as I had school the following Monday morning.

He looked around and in the end we both decided on a curved barbell. I taught it was kind of cool.

I walked through to the back of the studio, which I knew like the back of my hand at this stage and sat up on the bench.

I asked him if he taught his septum piercing was painful and he said very! I really was not that nervous though. I had read on other BME experiences that once its through the sweet spot it will be fine.

He felt around for my sweet spot, which is quite big and then he marked the placement. Its pretty high up and 100% straight, I could not be happier with it.

He then clamped it and told me to breath in. 2 seconds and a very slight sting later there was a needle through my septum, heh.

My eyes watered up like absolute no tomorrow and I explained to him that I wasn't crying, haha. He laughed and said it happens to everyone.

While he was picking up the barbell I was able to look down and see the needle poking through my nose, you can not describe that feeling!

He inserted the jewellery, which as always, hurts a tad more than the initial piercing.

I sat up and looked at the two little floating beads in my nose, it looked fantastic.

I paid, and got my usual discount, heh.

There was a girl in the waiting room who saw it and asked me questions about it, she said: 'I was going to get my anti-eyebrow done but now I'm getting my septum done thanks to you!'

Healing was fairly uneventful. After a few weeks I had to change the curved barbell to an anatometal circular barbell as the curved one kept on falling down in class. I love my circular barbell, it looks amazing.

I get quite a few reactions from it. Some are good and some are bad. Its my only facial piercing right now and people usually don't expect me to have any piercings when they get a first glimpse.

I wear it down probably 90% of the time. It is also probably my favourite piercing.

I did sea salt soaks on it for the first 2 months by dipping my nose into a shot glass. Sure, its annoying but it has to be done. I then adopted the Leave It The Hell Alone method. Now I give it the odd wipe of a q-tip when I'm cleaning my other healing piercings but it is not necessary at all. I do wash it with satin soap in the shower though, just for general hygiene!

Overall I am very delighted with my septum piercing, aswel as Tattoo Zoo and Noel.

Tattoo Zoo is a very sterile and reputable studio and I can not praise Noel enough.

If you want to see some pictures, do not hesitate to visit my IAM, and do not forgot to say hi!

Good luck with your septum piercing, I can guarantee you, you will not regret it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Noel
Studio: Tattoo+Zoo
Location: Cork%2C+Ireland.

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