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My Nostril Nose piercing at home!!

Hello, I'm 22 and have piercing my ears several times and belly button at home when I was a teenager. I'm not a Goth or anything like that. I'm a married woman and I'm a jewelry designer so I take a lot of interest in jewelry. I think tattoos and piercings can be a beautiful way to carry out body art. I have always thought a nose piercing would be great, thinking of belly dancers and exotic Indian women with a beautiful shimmering jewel in their nose...

I casually mentioned it to my mother the other day. Although as I say I am a married woman I still value the opinion of my parents and wanted to see what they thought of it. Surprisingly my mother said 'Yes that could look quite nice' as I described my vision of exotic beautiful belly dancers with a sparkle in their nostril.

I didn't really want to go to a studio especially as they are usually big burly scary men eek. So being older and wiser I decided to get the professional equipment for an at home piercing. I'm quite impulsive so ordered the kit straight away! My kit included a catheter needle which is used a lot here in England and it arrived this morning! So this morning I followed the instructions washing my hands and using a fine liner pen to mark up. Although asking my mother to wish me luck she thought that I should do it slightly higher up. So washed off the marker and changed it.

I used the antibacterial wipes included in the kit to clean my nostril and got some ice. I held the ice to my nose for some time and used the needle that came with the kit. At first it hurt and bled a tiny bit to which I muttered to myself 'I can't do this!' I put some more ice on and bit my teeth. I had the radio on but was still a little shaky from being nervous. I went for it digging the needle in my nose. It WAS painful I had to wrinkle my nose up (as you do when you wince) and this made it a little easier. It did hurt and the skin was quite tough to get through, the last to admit but I beared it and carried on pushing. I found it useful piece of skin on the inside of the nostril was also quite painful because I couldn't ice that bit. But alas the needle was all the way through and I removed the needle part of the catheter needle.

I'd recommend this type because it leaves a clear hollow tube and you can easily insert the stud through it. This wasn't painful at all and in about 5-10 minutes from the start I had my piercing!

I finished up by using another wipe to clean the area. Ok, for the literally 1-3 minutes it took to pierce it did hurt but afterwards nothing. It's been a few hours now and doesn't hurt at all. It also didn't bleed.

So in conclusion I'd say that I'm glad I did it. A few minutes of pain was worth it because I love it now. I have a titanium stud in and I can't wait for a few weeks time when I can change that for a beautiful gold diamante one, maybe a little heart or butterfly :-)

To my surprise when I showed my parents who are quite conventional middle classed, they admitted that it look 'very nice for that sort of thing' and my Mum thought I should get a slightly larger gem stud - she said you don't want people to think it's a spot or mole!. My Dad was in awe of how brave I was to do it myself and couldn't quite figure out how the nose stud worked. He asked if I had to use a butterfly on the end of it ;-)

My husband hasn't seen it yet, so we'll see his reaction when I get in!

I have taken a photo; it's just a few hours after the piercing. I'm surprised that afterwards it doesn't hurt a bit. http://photos-a.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v256/140/17/614569953/n614569953_912152_218.jpg

That is my parrot on my shoulder, I only hope that he doesn't try and peck it out!! I'll follow the instructions of cleaning it twice a day with antibacterial water such as water with some savlon on. Turn it a little and then dry it. It's important not to fiddle and to keep the original piercing in for 2-3 weeks. Also it's recommended that you put a bit of plaster (like you put over a grazed knee) over your piercing at night so it doesn't come out. My advice would be go for it, make sure you get a proper kit and follow the instructions being extremely clean :-)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: me
Studio: home
Location: england

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