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A nostril piercing on somebody with zero pain tolerance

Although I've known from age 6 when I had my lobes done that I wouldn't stop there with piercings, I've had the ill fortune of a family who are very clear that they think piercings are horrible, and only good if you want to look really weird. Which is why it took three years from then to get my lobes done double, aged 9, then another two to get my helix at 11, and then six months ago aged 15 for my nose. I'd wanted something a bit more adventurous originally, a surface piercing maybe, because in the city centre all you could see were crowds of people with nose piercings, lip piercings, septum piercings... Although I decided to be realistic, if my parents didn't like even my helix piercing they wouldn't exactly like me having a metal bar sticking out my collarbone.

I'd had the oh-so-brilliant idea of going with my friend to a piercing place in Glasgow centre which was known for piercing anyone without consent, where my friend had got her eyebrow done. However the day I was meant to be going in, her eyebrow had got so infected she was refusing to leave her house, so I took that as a safe bet I shouldn't go there.

Then it came to my 15th birthday. Every time they asked what I wanted, all I'd say was my nose pierced. Eventually they decided it was ok. My dad was the hardest to persuade because he thought that a nose piercing would instantly turn me into a alcoholic/slut (possibly not his exact words but he thinks piercings are the step into an unholy life or something along those lines). Thankfully one of my friends had just got it done and he saw her and decided that it could look quite nice.

So on my 15th birthday I persuaded a squeamish best friend to come with me (bad idea, don't bring squeamish people, for reasons you'll find out later.)

I went to Southside Piercings because my friend had got her belly done there and recommended it. The only piercing places I've ever been in so far was the shop floor at Clare's Accessories and a beauty salon so I wasn't sure what to expect with cleanliness. However it looked fine, even if the room was really tiny.

The woman (Im sorry I don't remember her name) wiped my nose with something and then put a tube up my nose to stop my nostril piercing turning into a punctured septum, owch, and then started talking about things as she got the needle ready. Just as I'd began telling her what school I went to all I felt was a really sharp pain going through my nose and I screamed... Yes I screamed...I'm a wimp.

I won't lie, it hurt, but then again I have a fairly low pain tolerance. Even so it only hurt for a few seconds and it subsided, it still felt strange and throbbed a little but that was all. The worst thing is when the jewellery is being put in because I seemed to be healing up as soon as the needle came out and it felt almost as if it was being pierced again.

In the meantime, my squeamish friend, who hadn't been let in the room with me basically because it was too small, had heard me screaming like the wimp I am through the wall, and had run outside because she felt really ill thinking about it. So there was me, with a new hole in my nose, and I had to comfort HER because she felt sick. She didn't even mention the nose until 20 minutes later when she had 'recovered' and we were on the bus home, and went 'Oh... that actually looks really nice.'

Healing was awful, it was like it was trying not to heal on purpose. I got a keloid after a few weeks and every time I put tea tree oil on it which apparently helped it would bleed. I walked into a door, the kind of thing I do on a weekly basis but never used to think about, and the stud went through a bit and hit my septum, something that probably hurt more than the original piercing. I stopped using tea tree oil though and used sea salt in cooled boiled water, up till about 2 months in, and the keloids went away. But it was just refusing to heal and it always hurt and looked really horrible because it was always red. Then I went back to get the stud changed, and Im so glad I did. Apparently I was allergic to the metal that was in it. It got changed and I didn't clean it for about 2 weeks because I was away on holiday and never remembered, and it had more or less entirely healed by the time I got back.

I'd recommend NEVER getting the gun on your nose. My friend got hers done at the same time as me, but by a gun, and it was a bit crooked, got infected and had to be taken out within a month. I know someone people can get away with using a gun but I wouldn't. Pay the extra tenner and know it's being done properly:)

I'd also say make sure you're not allergic to the stud because mine looked horrible and sore until I got it changed and now it looks great. Cleaning, obviously, is important although for me it only healed when I left it alone.

For the pain factor, Im a wimp and even I got through it, it's only for a few seconds so I wouldn't let it put you off, and good luck if you're getting it done:)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Can%27t+remember+her+name
Studio: Southside+Piercing
Location: Shawlands%2C+near+Glasgow

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