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My nostril piercings [both experiences]

I have had my left nostril done twice; once when I was 18 and the other when I was 21. I had to take it out the first time because I ended up getting incarcerated.

The first time was easy enough. Fairly tolerable pain, but I had an amazing piercer who always made me feel very relaxed. [Colter from Ink Shop Tattoos, formerly Fry Street Ink in Denton, TX...he may be at a different shop...call and ask, he's wonderful!!!] When he put it in, it was a little uncomfortable but not unbearable. It was like a pinch, and I did tear up a little. It didn't bleed very much and he bent the bar up to keep from getting too loose. He was very detailed on what to expect and very nice. The experience was very pleasant overall. It was sore for a while, and bled a little, but I made sure to twist it and keep it clean. I took an Advil that night, and slept rather comfortably. I was able to change it after a couple months, no problem. It was a little sore taking it out at first, but it became easier the more care and slower I worked. Unfortunately I had to take it out due to legal reasons, and had to get it done again.

This time I went to Ace's in Denton, TX. I figured I would go back because that piercer (female) had just done my tongue the day before with no issues. So I got my nostril done again, along with my best friend. The service this day from the piercer was ridiculous. We waited about 25 minutes or so for her to come out of the back room to greet us and she seemed like she was displeased to work with us. We should have left but we thought maybe she hadn't come in yet or was on a break and we already waited so long, we might as well get it done there and not drive around anywhere else.

It hurt very bad because it went through scar tissue and I was not relaxed at all. She did not assist me or help me or relax me or anything that my other piercer had done. She did not prepare me in the slightest, and barely explained to us how to take care of it. [I was hoping she would explain for my friend.] It bled a lot and it hurt very bad. The entire left side of my face was in pain, which I didn't experience the first time. I did think that there would be more discomfort because of scar tissue, but it was ridiculous. My friend and I still tipped her on top of her charges because we gave her the benefit of the doubt. Advil didn't work very well, and when I went out drinking with friends that night, it didn't help either. I had a very difficult time trying to sleep that night.

Three days later, while moving from Denton to San Francisco, CA, my nose ring fell off in my sleep. It hurt so bad and I tried to put it back in but I couldn't push it through the inside, so I decided to wait until I was unpacked. When I unpacked my things, I compared jewelry from this session and the first. The bar she stuck in my nose was far shorter and curved improperly. I was very upset at not only her service, but the fact she didn't care enough to give an adequate bar, and that I had just wasted $40 on a piercing I had for 24 hours. I informed my friend, and while she cleaned hers the next day, hers also fell out.

I recommend getting a nostril piercing. I really liked how cute it looks and the overall experience, most of the time is not bad. I advise you to be very careful with your piercers! I will definitely be sure to be more careful the next time. Be sure to ask whether the bar is pre-bent or if they will bend it for you. It is much better when they bend it to fit your nose. This piercer was not bad with my tongue, which she had just done before that. I don't know if she was having a bad day, but it wasn't good and her service was so awful.

I am also looking forward to getting it done again in a few more months. I want to make sure my nose is completely healed, and I want to try out other piercers and shops in my area. I do not want to waste my time or money or trust my body to a person who is in the industry to give someone something artful and pretty and who knows trust is instilled in them. I will be sure to recommend someone from here, or if I have a bad experience, I will be sure to post that too.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Location: Denton%2C+TX

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