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Learning the Hard Way

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved the way piercings look. They are beautiful, but also unusual and exotic. When I started my own mods, I loved the way that they made me feel, like I stood out, was somehow different. They even gave my good-girl image an edge of subversiveness. For years I had especially wanted a nostril piercing (they're not so common where I live as they are in some other areas). My parents refused to take me to get it done, not that I was surprised, as they consistently tell me how much they hate all my mods. Finally, a few months ago I broke down and asked my friend, who has successfully pierced other people at our school to pierce my nose.
Let me start out by saying that doing a home piercing is ridiculously stupid. It is more painful, more difficult, turns out worse, and --as I was soon to find out—if there are any complications there is no piercer to go back to for help or guidance. Having said that, all of my other mods were do-it yourself works, excluding one set of earlobe piercings which were done at the mall when I was a baby. I haven't had complications from any of them. My nostril piercing was my 8th piercing. Both of my ears combined housed 5 helix piercings, and 4 lobe piercings, two of which were stretched to 4 gauge. I have since removed one of the earlobe studs and two of the helix piercings. On that fateful day, I went to my friends apartment. In hindsight, I'm really stupid for trusting him. Just the way he looks, practically screams " I'm an STD carrying dirtbag". So we go to his bathroom and I sit down on the toilet seat. He had professional, hollow needles but they were 14 gauge and I thought they looked way to big so he used a sewing needle instead. He sticks this rubber cork-like thing up my nose and proceeds to push the needle through, but he only gets it about half way before stopping for a cigarette, so I push it through the rest of the way myself. All things considered, it was my least painful piercing.
The next day I went to school, proud to show off the new piece of metal in my face to all my friends, but during 5th period I as went to brush a strand of hair out of my face and somehow managed to claw the stud out. I immediately picked it up and tried to put it back in but it wouldn't go through all the way. In my panic I decided that the most reasonable course of action was to have my brother' girlfriend re-pierce it in the school bathroom using a button-pin found on the floor, which we sterilized with a hand wipe.
After the initial shadiness, I took excellent care of my nostril piercing, I did hot sea-salt soaks at least twice a day, and was careful not to irritate or remove it. Despite all of this, within a few months while I was cleaning it I noticed the infamous bump. After reading countless Internet forums I decided to continue with the hot compresses and soaks and to pack grains of sea-salt around it while I slept. While this probably suffocated the piercing it also seemed to work. Within a few days there was no trace of the bump. Once the drama had passed I became increasingly lax about aftercare. I virtually stopped using compresses and only washed it with salt water every few days. One morning I woke up and the bump had returned, worse than ever. I became vigorous about salt water washes and smothered it in grains of salt but this seemed to only make it worse. By the time that the bump had grown to the size of a small planet and children ran from me on the street I decided that I needed to take it out.
The same day that I removed the stud I did more research online. While reading a forum I heard about the method of using aspirin paste to remove granulomas (AKA the Bump), so I crushed up an aspirin tablet and added a few drops of water to form a paste and started applying that to the now metal-less bump. I'm not sure if it was just from removing the jewelry or if it was the result of the aspirin paste method, or a combination of the two, but by the next day the bump had completely vanished without a trace. The hole has now closed up, but I'm expecting to go sometime this week to get it re-pierced by the same shady kid. I guess some people never learn.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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