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Best piercing EVER =]

Since I've come to university, every year I've got to get a new piercing. Its tradition. For my birthday last year, I was gifted a Monroe piercings (which will be a story for another day) and so this year I was considering either a tattoo or getting my septum pierced.

A week or so before my birthday I woke up with an intense want to get a piercing. I spent all afternoon looking and obsessing about what one I wanted to get. Septum piercings I had always wanted, but I feel that not a lot of people can pull it off. I wanted to run out and get one immediately, no matter how it looked on me.

I spent all afternoon calling the tattoo parlor and talking to Mark, mastermind of piercings, and calling people to go with me so I don't chicken out. FINALLY after arranging a ride, we go to the Zone and I sign the necessary paperwork, you get the picture. =] We walked back into the room, which as always, is super clean, and wiped down for good measure right as you go in.

I sit down and I'm super nervous at this point, since I still have a little bit of a paralyzing fear of needles, and Mark manages to calm me down. With his silly little jokes (for example, I say that I'm going to just close my eyes and he said that he's nervous too so he was going to join me, little things like that make me smile hardcore.)

Clamps on, by far the most uncomfortable part of the process. The clamps were hanging by my nose and I felt the need to swish my head back and forth, which just made me want to sneeze. So word to the wise, don't. But, I digress...He takes the needle, has breathe in, and out, and alarming enough, I could feel the needle on the inside of my nose. For a while, I thought that maybe as I breathed in and out, he had done it in sections, until he took a breath with me and pushed the needle through. I didn't feel any pain at all. In fact, I didn't feel anything.

"This is the worst part" he said as he pushed the actual barbell through. Silly jokester, I tensed up thinking it actually would hurt, but I didn't feel anything but a piece of metal moving around in my nose. My nose bled a little, but I didn't even notice until he was taking the sea salt and using a q-tip to clean the piercing.

Mark made the septum perfectly straight, and I couldn't believe how painless it really was. The only pain that comes from this piercing is when I hug people taller than I and my nose hits their shoulders.

If you live in the Warrensburg area, seriously consider the Zone. Mark is super calming and a lot of fun to just sit and chat with.

And septum piercing? Best decision I've ever made. =] I can't wait for it to heal so I can get a closed ring and not have to take it out because of work. Speaking of work, the septum is SO easily hidden that Wal-Mart doesn't even have to talk to me about it. My retainer for my Monroe is too noticeable sometimes, I guess, but I've never had anyone tell me that the septum is an issue.

Oh, don't mind the lemonface. =]

Also, a note on the barbell instead of the retainer...I have issues from time to time, yes, keeping the barbells in my nose, but the retainers, to me, look like shiny nose-hairs, so I pass on those.

The only thing that I haven't gotten used to thus far is the fact that hitting the septum the wrong way causes my nose to sneeze. Or that blowing my nose is a task because pushing too hard makes it tender.

Only thing that I'd say to watch for is keeping it clean. Supposedly this is one of the easiest places to get a Staph infection in, which, I can imagine, isn't pleasant. Its easy to do, follow the piercer's instructions. However, beware the sting on the first time you clean in out/soak it. It burns hardcore...like...I'm tempted to say that it hurt worse than any other pain that came with the piercing itself, or the hugs afterwards.

I hope this has been helpful, I don't regret this at all. A lot of people aren't fans, but whatever. I hardly care what they think. =] However, its fun to watch the mixed looks of disgust, interest, and horror on their faces when you flip it up into your nose for the first time in front of them. =]

(Because the last one is a little blurry)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Mark
Studio: The+Zone
Location: Warrensburg%2C+MO

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