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Eastern medicine and a nostril piercing

A nostril piercing has been the only piercing that my mom has suggested I get. She said that I had a pretty nose and that I should get my nostril pierced. She had pointed to the right at the time, but that was the nostril closest to her. I was 15. I never got around to piercing it though.

In between 15 and 18, I developed endometriosis, as if there's never something not wrong with me. In short, it hurts like Hell. I read that Indian women pierced their left nostrils to lessen the pain during menstrual cycles and childbirth according to Ayurvedic medicine. I had done everything Western medicine could do for me, and if Indian women had been doing it for so long then there must be something to it so I decided to try.

I discussed it with my mom and she said that we would bring it up with my doctor. I went to my doctor and she said to try it, though she doubted it would work because of course Western medicine is so much better than any untested mumbo-jumbo right?

I did not go out and get it pierced right away though. I first pierced my standard navel, my ears, and my inverse navel (which sadly rejected because my friend was being stupid and kept hitting it. I now have a bow tie shaped scar there though.) My last piercing was my tongue. I was supposed to get my nostril pierced for Christmas, but things came up. I wasn't able to get it pierced until I came back to school from Winter Break and had some cash. That day for me was January 14. Good thing I didn't get it pierced for Christmas because my family found out I got my tongue pierced and they were staring me down hard during New Years.

I went to Urban X-Change to get it done. Josh does good work so back to him I went. It was only $25 or so because I had the cleaning stuff already from my other piercings and sea salt. I went with my friends Libby, Sharon, Danielle, Steven, Melissa, Stephanie, and Alanna. I was the only one being pierced that day sadly. Libby and I had been saying that we thought Josh was cute, in a non-traditional sort of way, so the girls minus Danielle and Sharon said they wanted to stay to see if what we said was true. It's true if you like non-traditionally cute guys like Libby and I do. They said they were sadly disappointed though. Losers.

I had a wait before I could go of about two people and one girl had gone in when I got there. We waited for nearly 45 minutes for her to finish. I told them they could have come back, but they insisted they'd stay. I felt bad though. We joked around the shop waiting until we all got hungry. I said let's eat and we all went and ate at Wendy's. I ate quickly and went back to find that I still had a wait. No big deal. They could go have fun in the mall and I could talk to the people there. I talked to a woman who was getting her tongue pierced and was very nervous. I told her the pain was minimal for the actual piercing and more annoying afterwards. She was still nervous, but I told her if she could sit through three tattoos that a tongue piercing for her shouldn't be so bad. Her friends came out and then it was my turn.

Josh asked what side I wanted my nostril pierced and I, of course, said the left side. He asked if I had any questions and I had one for the first time ever. I asked about the receiving tube and he showed me how it works. What an ingenious little device it is. He cleaned my nose and made the joke about having someone professionally clean my nose for me. I laughed a little and then he marked my nostril and told me to look in the mirror and move my nostril around to see if I liked the placement. I did and sat down. He handed me a paper towel in case my eye watered. He then placed the receiving tube up my nostril, told me to breathe in and out then he stuck the needle in. My eye didn't water or twitch and he removed the tube. It felt weird to have the needle hanging out of my nostril. Josh picked up the stud and told me not to move at all while he put it in. I didn't and it was in. My nostril felt hot, tight, and swelled a little, but it looked so good.

I walked out to my friends who were just coming to get me because they wanted to watch, but I was out before most had even finished eating. They all said it looked good on me. I was so proud of it I couldn't stop smiling.

Two weeks into it though problems started. I got sick and my nostril swelled and covered the stud. You couldn't see it at all. I was afraid that it would have to be extracted if I left it so I found an 18g ring that I had bought long ago, never used, and put that in after getting the stud out. It didn't hurt much, but I was very upset. I just flipped it back so it looked like an orbital and left it like that until my nostril went down and I could see Josh. I wasn't able to for almost two weeks that sucked. In the meantime, I developed a bump on it and it looked horrible. When I finally got to Josh, he recommended aspirin crushed up to help. It did somewhat. I knew it was from having the ring in and couldn't wait to change it back to the stud, no matter how much it set my healing back because the bump and the ring weren't working for me anymore. I changed it back about two weeks ago and the bump went down dramatically. It's almost gone with sea salt soaks and babying it.

And as for if my cramps are any less, yes, they are. I also have my right nostril pierced, but that's a different story.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 2005
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Joshua+Becraft
Studio: Urban+X-change+in+the+Patrick+Henry+Mall
Location: Newport+News%2C+Virginia

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