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My nasallang, lots of fun!

I never really thought I would ever get a nasallang piercing done. My nostrils hurt, and so did my septum, and I couldn't imagine doing all three at once. Then my piercer, Lee, asked if I wanted to do it as an experiment, and I said I would and had a lot of dread in me. I read as many experiences as I could, there are few, and I tried to prep myself for it. The piercer eventually quit and so did the idea.

Two years later I was bored and at Artistic Impressions in Welland after class. My friend Cassie was with me, and she wanted a branding. The first thing that popped into my head was "nasallang" so I said "nasallang!" to Mike and he said to go by the Niagara Falls shop on Thursday and he'd do it. I got a price quote and I was happy, but nervous.

On Thursday Cassie and I went to Artistics in Niagara Falls and saw Mike. He didn't have anymore cautery pen tips, so Cassie wasn't getting a branding done. Cassie had her friend Harmony with her, and I'm not the biggest fan of her. They were being loud and laughing and yelling and it was annoying. Mike cleaned and marked my nose. I had cleaned it before going to the shop. I checked the marks, they were even, and I got the other girls opinions. All systems go.

Mike kicked Cassie out of the room and continued to work on my nasallang. He said he wanted to do one for a while, but couldn't find anyone that would sit through it and tolerate the extra length of the piercing. Great, I was already nervous. Then I remebered, I spent an hour and a half hanging from hooks the week before. Nervousness gone temporarily.

Mike decided to use clamps after pressing a receiving tube against my right nostril. He was holding them in a way I couldn't breathe. I was told the piercing was going to suck, and bleed. I figured as much. For his first time doing the piercing, he was quite calm. He told me to breathe evenly and he would pierce it after asking if I was ready, rather than the normal "Breath in, breath out". I had taken out my 4ga septum tunnel at the beginning, so everything would be easier.

Mike made sure to tell me he was piercing the hard cartilage in my septum. SoI steadied my breathing and I was asked if I was ready. I said yes, and inhaled. On my breath out my nostril was pierced with a burn. Oh god, not the septum. Pressure, crunch, pressure. Out of the right nostril with a bit of a burn and it was done. My eyes hardly teared up. That was it!? My most feared piercing, and that was it?!

I had a major nosebleed from every part of my nose. I looked and saw that Mike had put bigger balls on the barbell. Oops. I was going to grab a small one and trade the bead on my medusa for a slightly bigger one, but Mike said it wouldn't look good on my face. I went off and bought small 14ga silver-blue titanium balls and had Mike change them for me. Mike looked at it and it was a tiny bit off, and I said I'd give it the weekend and if it was off, re-do it. After the weekend was over, after many peoples scrutiny, we decided that yes, it was perfectly fine to keep. Damn good job for his first time.

I got some strange looks before it swelled, because there was a lot of bar sticking out, and fairly big balls for that particular piercing. The bleeding had stopped earlier. It stung a bit and was annoying, I kept going to scratch my nose, or hit my nose. I had a headache the next day. It was a huge pain in the ass to clean too. Three piercings, connected. I used warm water with a drop of lavender oil in it. Or I'd stick my nose into a cup of pure, non-iodized sea salt that I purchased at a health food store.

I've had it for over a two months now, it still crusts and get annoying once in a while. For two months, that's pretty good, in my opinion. I've had colds off and on and I'm pretty sure that doesn't help healing at all. Of course, I get it done in the fall. It's a fun piercing to show off. Most people assume I have two nostril piercings, until they see the extra bar.

My mother actually asked if it went straight through. I told her "No, it's just made to look like that", as not to gross her out. She should be used to it by now! A lot of people dislike this piercing once they find out its one bar, I've been called my share of names, which is fairly immature and annoying. I still get a lot of looks when I'm out, but I really like this piercing. I should be used to getting stared at by now!

I wouldn't reccommend this piercing to someone relatively new to piercing. It's a bitch to take care of and, even though the piercing wasn't terribly painful for me, it was intense, and I had one hell of a headache the next day. It's a fairly rare piercing, and more experiences need to be posted! I do reccommend lavender oil for healing, just not pure lavender. It's been really good for me, but make sure you test it first, for allergies.

This piercing is one of my favourites and I'm really happy with it. I would do it again if I had to. I would like to get a custom 16ga barbell so I can have smaller beads, as my face is fairly small.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Jan. 2005
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Mike
Studio: Artistic+Impressions
Location: Niagara+Falls%2C+ON%2C+Canada

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