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High School-start nostril

"Hey, wouldn't I look cool with a nostril piercing?"


Mom and I sat around the kitchen table.

Her answer suprised me. I pinched my nostril slowly.

"I'm pretty sure I can handle it too".

"Sure, sure."

It was August, some days before I was going to high school, one year earlier than my classmates (I read the stuff you normally do the last years in... uh.. well.. lower classes during the summer. Excuse my english).

The thought of a nostril piercing was pretty much "taken out of the air".

My mom first thought of the place I had gotten my lobes done (with a gun.. argh) so we called it. They suprisingly knew that guns weren't the thing for other things than lobes (if even that...) so the answer was no. I hate to think what would have happened if I've gotten my nose pierced with a gun.

However, we checked the Yellow Pages™ (sorry.. just had to add that ;P) and found a studio in our area.

So we called.

Pretty much impulse. But I was only 12 years at the moment... even though I look like 15-16.

The guy answering said that the studio was "serious", and that we wouldn't find a minor-piercing studio anywhere in Vaasa. Then again, he hadn't seen me.

Mom and I refused to give up. But it wasn't so much more we could do about it... until we found Needle Point in the catalogue. Mom said:

"Let's just walk into the studio. If we call and say you are twelve they might not pierce you."

"Very well."

The next day, we went to Vaasa. We were on our way to our summer-house (my english sucks) but my mom had to do some shopping. So after browsing some shops, we went back to our car. Then she said:

"Let's go to Needle Point."

My heart started beating faster. The thought of a needle through my nose didn't calm me (pretty understandable, eh?).

We walked in and there was this girl sitting in a some dentist-chair style thingy, getting her tragus pierced. Ew. Her friends were sitting on a bench, smiling nervously. The piercer, whom I now know as Lassi, came up to us after the girl had gotten pierced and she and her friends had left. I noticed that the walls were covered with pics of jesus.

"Minkähän voin auttaa?" (how can I be of service?) he said.

My mom explained the situation.

"Oh, she'd easily passed as 15 in my opinion" he said, smiling. He had my mom sign a form, that "I-agree-to-let-my-daughter/son-pierced-and-I-won't-sue-you-if-it-gets-infected-stuff".

He took some jewelery out of the counter. I wanted to start with a stud. I chose a normal surgical steel screw. No pink, shining stones.

Then I started feeling uneasy. I hadn't eaten anything that day, so mom said that we were to be right back and explained why. Lassi just agreed and smiled.

We went back to the car. Mom drove me to a gas station and I bought some chocolate and a bottle of coke. By then, I was REALLY nervous.

Mom parked the car and we went in yet again.

Now, there was this guy getting tattooed by the second employee. They were joking really much, and this made me feel at ease. Even though there was a guy sitting in a chair looking at me. Probably the guy getting tattooed's friend.

I sat down in the stool (yes - a stool. very faint-friendly), and Lassi put gloves on and marked my nose. He handed me a pink mirror. Perfect.

Then he cleaned my nose, inside and outside. I just LOVE the smell of that stuff.

Then, he got the 16 ga needle. I closed my eyes.

Without a warning, he shoved it through. It wasn't directly painful, more like.. uncomfortable. I suppose he started getting the screw in, but I didn't feel it. But still, I felt kinda uneasy.

"Is this going to end soon?" I asked.

He laughed and he was done.

Again, I was handed the pink mirror. Even more perfect.

I stood up, and I walked to the counter. Then I started seeing black spots, and I barely could see the guy getting tattooed. I knew that I was going to faint.

Lassi and mom noticed it, and I laid down on the bench which I first sat in.

"Coke" I said.

Mom gave me the bottle and I drank. After about 5 mins, Lassi constantly asking if I wanted some water, and the tattoo subjects friend sighing a hundred times, I was ready to go and paid Lassi 50 € (we don't tip artists in these parts).

The aftercare was pretty easy. Clean with Septidin (a solution similar to salt soaks), do not touch it, and rinse with water in the shower 10-15 times at least one time per day. I have now changed to a 14 ga ring, and I'm very happy with it. It's considered a part of me now.

What's next?

I don't know. Maybe a labret.

Until the next piercing...!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2003
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Lassi+or+something+like+that...
Studio: Needle+Point
Location: Vaasa%2C+Finland

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