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Finally A ring for a king

irst let me start off by saying I have been into piercing for about 2 years now. Im 16 and when I was 14 I saw the septum on a very beautiful woman. The first one I had seen in person. Other then that When I was 8 I saw several tribes on T.V. have large septums, bones and wood plugs were in place. Very beautiful it was. I have my eyebrow pierced and my tongue and a few small earrings so Im no stranger to being pierced. I saw the septum for the final time on bme and I knew then and there I wanted it. I though about it for 6 months. A long thought. I always think about piercings to make sure that this is what I want. 6 months pass and I knew this is what I wanted. Living in kentucky there is not much to do nor is there many decent studios that are reputable. I first went to Dragon masters Ink to see about a piercing but I was horrified with the shop. It was dirty and not very well cleaned. I asked the guy to see the autoclave and he showed me. The place was very small and I knew I didnt want to get pierced in this place. I saw the guys profolio and it was very small. He said he had been piercing for ten years but yet he had only 6 pictures and he owns the shop? Yeah right. He was full of it. So I left. I drove across kentucky looking for that one studio and I came upon Dancing dragon.......I went in and was happy with what I saw. Very clean and sterile. Asked to see the autoclave and asked them "Do you do monthly spore testing?" Billy gunter said "yes" He showed me results from it. I was impressed. I looked at his profolio and I was even more impressed. Nice very nice. I liked what I saw. So now I went home and told my mom. My dear mother understands I wanted the septum piercing and agreed that she would sign for me. I couldnt thank her enough. SO we planned to drive down there next week. Days pass and Im really happy. Im kind of nervous but when I get there it will pass. I read about piercings on bme so one hour before I got there I ate something. WHich is recommended. Just incase I ate a candy bar with a full meal. One hour later I was at dancing dragon. I was greeted by none other then billy. He asked me what I wanted. I said "The septum" BIlly went on to say allot of things about the piercing and how his friend had one. I replied onn bme and how far endless stretching you can do...... well maybe not endless but really far. He took me over to choose the jewelry. I looked at all the jewelry and chose a 14 gauge captive hoop with a black bead. Very beautiful. My mom and me then signed the proper paper work. Billy was then off to prep up the room and get everything ready. Minutes pass. Billy calls me back, I go back. I can see him washing his hands and then he puts on a pair of gloves. Has me to sit down and then he checks my nose of my septum. Looking for the "sweet spot" He fills around and finds it. "Here we are." Billy says. He then switched his gloves again and marked my septum, both sides. All in all it took a few minutes for him to align the dots on both sides of my septum. I looked at it and I liked the dot placement. He then changed gloves again and grabbed the recieving tube. Placed it on the right side of my septum. He then picked up the needle. "Take three deep beaths and then tell me when your ready." He siad. I replied "ok" He counted to three and then said are you ready? I replied "yes" He then began to push the needle through and at first I didnt feel it then I could fill it as it slightly hurt. I then heard it exit. That hurt. He placed the ring in and I took a look at it. I liked it, it was angled perfectly and looked very straight. I was very happy. I like dancing dragon. Before I left I tipped him and was on my way. Yes, it is a very nice piece to have. I went to my friends house to show off my beautiful piece. He was shocked in a good way. He never thought I would get it. Of course He asked "Did it hurt?" I replied "Only alittle." All in all I love the piercing, right now its fully healed and I have then stretched it to a 10 gauge. I love it. I plan on going back to billy for more piercings. I recommend dancing dragon. I love the work I got there.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Sept. 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Billy+gunter
Studio: Dancing+dragon
Location: kentucky

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