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There's Metal in my Septum!

u may know the name from a different experience- my navel piercing. As I had mentioned in that experience, I was in the market for another hole. But, unfortunately, my parents, the ()#&$)!#)$ that they are, they would not submit to letting me get another one. So, I took matters into my own hands. (More than likely a bad idea, but we'll find out once it heals, now won't we?) Yes, I know, doing your own piercing is bad, and I agree, but, it has probably also been mentioned before that piercings, as well as tattoos, are rather addictive. I have grown a fetish for metal filled holes, no biggie... I had been looking at all sorts of piercings; genitalia, facial, surface...but I was drawn to tongue and septums piercings. As I at least have read up on both, I know that tongue piercings are definately better left to the professionals, alas, which I am not. So, I figured that doing my septum by myself wouldn't be that big of a deal, and there was a pro: I could definately hide it from my parents. That in mind, I knew I had to have a retainer. I had an 18g black nobium captive just lying around, so I used some needle nose pliars to bend it to a shape much like septum retainers that I have seen online. Then I found a compass needles, and cleaned both quite throughly. Anti-biotic ointment, bactine, saline, antheseptic (sic), you name it, I cleaned them with it. The same with my nose. I also took care to clean my nostrils, as my boyfriend, who had gotten his professionally (I use the term loosely), had informed me that nostrils get in the way & may get prodded themselves. So, as I said, I cleaned those too. I sat down on my bed, after cleaning my hands with antibacterial soap, turned on some music and got to it. I lubricated my needle with the antibiotic ointment, and proceeded to shove the bastard through my septum on the right side. It went most of the way through, but the last part of skin on the left side was a real bastard, so the needle didn't go all the way through that. (I didn't really have the balls to really PUSH the (@#&$(@ through) I hoped for the best, grabbed my very clean, homemade retainer, and shoved that through....well, it didn't want to go all the way through. So, I pretty much gave up, and just fiddled with it for a while. After a few minutes of playing, I heard, well, felt and heard a pop!* Oh my god! It went through! Well, this shocked me. I put it the rest of the way in, and lay back. I was rather impressed with myself. I stayed on my back for a few minutes until the adrenaline was mostly curbed, and sat back up. I went to the bathroom to look at the placement. Well, it did look slightly crooked, but it was hardly noticable. I had also researched enough to know that the exit hole swells slightly, so that also added to it.

So, now it's the day after I pierced my septum, and everything is going ok. The night after I pierced it, last night, I went to a carnival, and proceeded to show everyone I talked to my very small spikes. One friend told me I looked as if I had antennas. Oh well...I like it. It looks as if it may stay slightly off center, but that's ok- maybe when I stretch it, it will straighten itself out...I can only hope. I've got two retainers coming in the mail today, one 18g and one 16g, so I don't have to deal with the ring/retainer anymore (it's rather long, I think. it pokes me in the back of the nose sometimes and makes me sneeze, but it really isn't that bad) Last night I also almost lost the hole. I took it out to clean it, and forgetting about the hole, I shoved a q-tip up my nose to numb it out. It felt weird. I tried to get the retainer to get back in, but it refused. After about five minutes of struggling, it popped back in again. (THANK GOD) I am quite happy with it, and plan on stretching it, but I don't really know to what size yet. Check for further updates. If you're ever planning on giving yourself a septum, definately do it at a larger gauge. 18g is way too small; I'm afraid I'm going to break the retainers....I hope not, though. And, I have also found out, that in studios, it's better to ask for a 12g septum, like your tongue, because it may lead to less swelling and irritation in the piercing. A word on the pain: with all the cleaning stuff that I used, it didn't hurt much, if at all. Or maybe I just have a nice pain threshold.......hehe.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Me
Studio: Home
Location: Pennsylvania

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