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A septum done by Blair!!

st like to start off by saying if you are in the Toronto area and

seriously thinking about getting a piercing or branding or scarification, please, check Blair at Tat-a-Rama out. He is AMAZING!! I am only 16 sitting here writing about my septum experience that I had just today. I first saw the septum piercing on a girl that is really COOL and it looked very good. Then, I kept noticing (and admiring) more and more as I cam accross them. Especially in the city of TO. I had made an appointment at Tat-a-Rama almost a month ago because I wanted to make sure Blair was available and able to do my piercing, so I called. And waited... And waited... I read many of the experiences other people had written for BME and most of them were very good so I knew I wanted to write one. I also read the Interview with Blair a few times and loved it. I heard rave reviews from people that had been to Blair and LOVED him, so I had to go. So, finally after a hellishly long wait, I was on my way. I live about 2 hours north of Toronto in a really small town which is kinda boring and there isn't anyone with septum piercings, so I will be the only one in my school with one. I just might start up something, but I hope not, I like mine to be original. So my mom and I dove all the way there for my birthday as she was paying!! When we got to Tat-a-Rama, Blair was in there talking to a really nice guy that had got his septum done before. When I shook hands and was taken back to Blair's awesome little room, my nervousness had immediatly disappeared and this was because Blair was SUCH a nice guy. He explained everything he was about to do as I sat on a little black chair and stared at all of his pictures of the African people with HUGE bod mods. There was even an awesome picture of Astro Boy, my favorite cartoon hero!! All of a sudden, Blair had me set my head back as he looked and felt. He stated he was going to have to go through the cartilage in my septum which made me a little more nervous, till he said that it hurts just as much as NOT goung through it. So he put all the ointments in my nose and he took the needle and set it in my nose. Then, he said it was time and I closed my eyes and it went through. Seriously, it did not hurt that much at all. Sure there is a second where you are shedding tears and gritting your teeth, that is almost instinct. But even being a piercing virgin, it didn't hurt that much at all. When it was through, he let me look in the mirror at the spike pushed all the way through and it looked so cool!! Then I tilted my head back again and he put the retainer in somehow, I couldn't see it as he was doing it, but it didn't hurt that much. Not nearly as much as the piercing itself. So, all that done I was on my way, admiring my perfectly straight septum piercing. I was SO HAPPY!! I talked to Blair a bit and gave him 10 bucks for himself and 55 bucks for the piercing. I was on my way home in NO pain at all. I don't think I am going to stretch it, but that is not for certain. Right now I am just happy with how it is and I can't wait for it to heal so I can change the jewellery. Cleaning it gets a little annoying being inside the nose, but it is not too bad at all and I love it!! I must admit right now that I am a little scared to move it all around, even though at the moment it doesn't hurt, I just feel uncomfortable with putting my fingers up there a lot. But I did put on some bacteguent (not sure of spelling) on a Q-tip and shoved it up there. And dunked my head in a cup of hot water which was soon a little red with blood, but there was no pain. So if you are thinking of getting this piercing, go 4 it!!! It looks really good and the pain isn't that bad at all. And remember, if possible, try to get to Blair, he is the BEST!! But if ya can't, don't worry, any proffesional is good and it won't hurt that much anyway. Just do your research, as I did, and read all the stuff on BME as you are right now and you will be well educated on the piercing. Thanx for reading, Blair for Prez!! ben evans.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 June 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Blair
Studio: Tat-a-Rama
Location: Toronto%2C+Ontario

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