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huh? septum? whats that?

I have been obsessing over body modifications for about a year now, but I was always to much of a whip to do one. so Finally I had some extra money, and I happen to live near a piercing shop (coincidentally I have NEVER been inside it) so I went in and asked for a septum piercing, the guy looked at my like I had 9 heads (I knew i wanted my septum done because I would be able to hide it and I just thought it looked soo damn sexy) so the guy leads me to the 'back room' which to my surprise is just a curtained off section, wasn't to comfortable with that, but I wanted the piercing. So I sat down in the chair, and the guy started cleaning my EARLOBE, so I kindly intervened and said I wanted my septum done, not my earlobe, again he gave me that funny look, but wiped off my earlobe and started to clean my lip, again I said septum and again he looked at me funny, my only thought was 'how the hell did he manage to get a license?', then it dawned on me, he didnt have a license! so I stood up and walked out. I mean Im not THAT picky, but if someone is going to pierce me I want them to know where it is with out me having to draw them a map, ya know? but I wanted that piercing so badly that I did it my self in front of a mirror, and I purposely did it crooked (to accent my personality (being a little different from everyone else)) so I took a sewing needle and cleaned it up and rammed it through my nose, didn't hurt a bit, the adrenaline rush afterwards was TERRIFIC! so I just left the needle in for a few days (I cut off the sharp ends which hurt the most because of the wire cutters painfully jarring the new hole) because i couldn't get the jewelry for a few more days (and I CERTAINLY wasn't going to the guy across the street) So I got an 18 g barbell and put that in for a day, then i got a 16 g barbell and kept that in for two, currently i have a 16 g bullring in. now my boyfriend is TOTALY Against piercing of ANY kind, so when i told him, he was a little disapionted in me, but hwne i showed him, he loved it! he likes it ALMOST as much as I do, he now has his eyebrow and labret pierced. did it hurt? does it hurt? no it didn't hurt at all except cutting off the ends, and when . sorta, a few crusties in the morning, and a little sore if I hit it, but other than that no. is it clean? yes, but you have to make it so, I clean it 3 times a day, with soap and water (antibacterial) and salt and water. its not totally healed but that is probably because its only 5 days old. I am keeping it amazingly clean, because I would rather it didnt get infected, ya know?

is it worth it? HELL YEAH! DAY ONE a little sore in the morning, and a few of them wonderfull crusties, used warm water and soap to get them off no one has noticed ( is that good or bad??) oh yeah, I ran into the piercing dude from accros the street, and he was being yelled at by some man, im guessing he fucked up another piercing. DAY TWO not sore at all, I bought a new barbell SS 18 g 1/2in, a little dried blood around the edges, cleaned with soap and water, then sea salt and water, then just water. still no one notices unless I show them, good I think. DAY THREE shit. while I was in the shower the peice of needle came out, I shoved it back in (which didnt hurt) then shoved the 18g g barbell in, cleaned the same as yesterday. DAY FOUR today I got a new barbell a SS 16 g 3/8in one, cleaned up my hole same as yesterday. I knew I could change barbells because I coudl move the 18 g around with no problems what so ever, so I lubed the new barbell and sliped it in, admired my self in the mirroir, and went shopping. DAY FIVE Extreamly sore this morning, only because I hit it quite hard on the edge of my pool last night ( note: be carefull with your nose, it can get hurt ever so easily) cleaned it like the day before. DAY SIX no soreness today (yay) I acctualy forgot about it for a while today, odd, but oh well. I put in a 16 g 1/4 in circular barbell (bullring)it feels so good, I love it. and with that i end, but heed my advice, if the 'back room"s walls are made of curtains investigate, but if the piercer doesn't know what a septum is LEAVE! happy piercing -memnoch


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 June 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Moi
Studio: in+front+of+my+mirror+in+dixy+land
Location: Salem%2C+mass

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