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my septum experience (self done, came out excellent)

her March or February of 2000 (I can not remember exactly when), I decided I wanted my septum pierced. I would (have since) turn 18 in May of the same year, so it would not have been an unreasonable amount of time to wait to have my septum professionally pierced. However, I have pierced myself many times, as safely as I can, and am as satisfied with my personally performed piercings as I am with my 'store-bought' ones, perhaps moreso satisfied with my own. Piercing to me is an experience, and from my experience with shops versus self performed piercing, I find both to have their own individual pros and cons. I find the major advantage of doing it myself to be that it is not dont until I am satisfied, and when it is done, it is exactly what and where I want it. Also, I don't have lots of money. I have never had any more (infection, etc) problems with my self performed piercings than with my pro piercings (although to be fair I have had only one pro piercing so far, my tongue), so with all of this in mind, I decided to do my septum myself. I found that it was not a very difficult piercing to perform. I gathered together a 14g hollow needle, appropriate for piercing with, and a plastic retainer which I had fabricated from a plastic coated paper clip, for use until I picked up my jewelry (12g curved barbell) the next day. Coincidentally, the paperclip retainer turned out to be eerily close to 14g. First, I located the skin I wanted to pierce. This was not that difficult - I just probed until I found a depression between the upper cartilage and the lower cartilage of my septum. The thin skin in this depression was not filled by cartilage. The piercing itself was not very painful at all; however I found that it made my eyes tear. I did it quickly and freehand, and then backed the needle out whilst inserting my 'retainer'. I was not entirely satisfied with my placement, and so I tried again. This time I was satisfied. The next day I went to a local shop, the 'Now and Then' shop in New Hope, PA, and purchased a 12g SS curved barbell which I particularly liked. It went in easily and I was quite satisfied with my newly adorned septum.

Aftercare was not very difficult, I first would remove any gathered crusties, then rotate the jewelry through the piercing, after applying dilute antibacterial soap and water. I followed this with a rinse and rotation of plain water, to remove any soapiness from my new hole. Healing was proceeding slowly for a while, so finally I took out the ring and put in a smaller gauge piece of jewelry (14g) (I picked one I was less likely to play with, I should also note). After this switch, my septum healed at a much more rapid pace. Although I don't publicly wear this piercing much any more, it is only because I can't afford another piece of jewelry for it (I lost my old piece). I have a retainer in it, though. I must say that I really like this piercing, but then again I really like all of my piercings. If I didn't like it, I wouldn't have it. Think about it and do it, if it's what you want. If you go with this piercing, you probably won't be unsatisfied. I can only represent my own personal taste, however, so no guarantees from me as to that. Just think about it first. In the event that you were to pierce your septum and did not like it at all, and decided to remove it, you will not be left with a massive hole. A freshly pierced septum (ie not yet fully healed) will most likely close fully, and a healed septum will shrink but not entirely close. Anyhow, the hole is halfway up your nose. Who looks up there? It certainly isn't a very visible 'war wound'. Cheers, good luck and most of all be safe, jonathan mrnobody@bitches.org Feel free to email me if you have any questions about this or just want to chat about piercing. You can catch me on AIM as 'supergawd', as well. Oh, and yes I did do what I could to keep my stuff clean. I bought sterile jewelry and used a fresh needle. Also, I freehanded this piercing (obviously?). I just didn't mention that because it seemed superfluos; it's like wearing a seat belt, it becomes second nature, or at least it should. As for the success of the piercing, I've been complimented for it many times and I definitely think that, for me, it was worth the effort.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 May 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Jonathan
Studio: My+home
Location: Pennsylvania

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