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Self done septum.

know what some of you people are going to say, "you shouldn't do you own piercing blah, blah, blah." I know I should have it professionally done but I enjoy experimenting with piercing. Besides that is how allot of people (to my knowledge) get started out. And to add to that, out of the many piercing I have done, none, I repeat none have gotten infected or rejected! And I have done seven different piercing. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but for doing my piercing for only a year I think that ok. I'm probably sounding very lame or stupid but it doesn't bother me what people think as long as I'm happy! The reason why I wanted this was because it looks so cool and it was first shown to me by Keith Flint of Prodigy (great band, keep rocking) I had thought about it long and hard. I know some people get things and regret it, but apparently I'm not going to regret it! I had thought about it for over 2 years!!! And at first I thought there was going to be a problem with my cartilage, but once I researched it more I realized that I can do it with out hitting the cartilage. And no, the reason I didn't want to go through the cartilage was because of pain, I was afraid something might go wrong and I would want it to be done pro like! So then i decided to do it. But anyway, I cleaned off the needle I was going to do it with with some Hydrogen peroxide. I cleaned off the the area off, since there is boogers in there that could infect my septum. I felt for the area that I had felt before. It was up front in my nose, it was very soft so I was happy with the placement. I found it and examined how I would execute this piercing. The first time I tried to push it through it hurt to much. Then I was like, why do I care about pain. So I took a deep breath and pushed, it was all most through. I was so happy because it didn't hurt! Then came pushing the needle through the other side. And damn that hurt. But i got it done. I made this little retainer thing and stuck it through, flipped it up and was happy. I cleaned it with salt water every day. Then I went to the doctor a few weeks later and had to get get an x-ray. Since the only one who knows about my septum is me, I had to take it out so it was not to be discovered. About two hours later I took my retainer and put it back in. I was so happy that it didn't close up. So I had jumped my first hurdle! It it all turned out good for awhile. Then it started to loosen up so I had to make it tighter. But then I was stupid. I tried to stretch it 14 ga. Big mistake! It got all bloody and sore. So now I know that you have to wait longer or stretch less.So I put in the little jewelry in again. So now its about a month later and I stretched it to 16 ga. That turned out great and Its in right now. It has a funny smell but I think its because I have a little cold. But its all good. So its a few day later then the last time I wrote the things before this. Now my nose is feeling better. I cleaned off the piercing and Bar Bell. Now it doesn't smell, but I think it was the cold I had. Some things I think people should think about before doing this piercing are: KEEP IT CLEAN! When its healing make sure boogers stay away from it! You might not want to do it during cold season. Always use salt water, do not use chemicals. They can be harsh and can dry out the skin. Salt water tastes good too. He, He, just kidding. Research this before doing it your self! I did, and there's no way you can say I didn't, I did for over a year on BME and other sites. I read lots of articles and experiences. Another thing that made this an attractive piercing was that you can hide it! That makes it good for those looking to express them selves and still be able to have a job that doesn't like body piercing and such. So in conclusion (I'm writing like I'm in English class) it turned out pretty well and I'm very happy with this nifty piercing. In the future I plan on stretching it to about maybe 10 gauge. I want to put an flesh tunnel in there because that would look cool. And if I did use a flesh tunnel,I could put smaller rings in it! So I think its a cool thing for cool people to have! Well thank you sooooo much Shannon and the rest of the BME crew!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 May 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Myself
Studio: Infront+of+a+mirror
Location: USA

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