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Cocaine Nosejob

ince I was about 14 i've always been sticking a ring up my nose and looking in the mirror to see if it looked good because i was in love with septum piercings. I figured it looked good so I waited three years before actually going to get it done. I have thirteen earrings and a tongue ring which I got pierced about a month ago. I asked my boyfriend about it and he was all "yeah go get it done...you'll look really sexy yada yada yada". So I called Abstract Tattoos and asked for the prices. A whole $55 (ouch!!). Thats actually cheap because everywhere else I called was about $65-75. So on this long weekend, my boyfriend and my older sister and I went down to Toronto and firstly went to Stainless Studios (perhaps the most famous piercing place around the area). I got turned down there because the ever so gorgeous guy there said I wasn't 18 so it was policy that I couldn't get it...my god was I ever pissed because all my underage friends had gotten theirs done there. So we all went back to the original place and walked in. The guy at the counter was a real PR and we all hated him because he was such a jerk. So another guy came around from the back and was so "Hey how are ya?" type thing and I knew I liked this guy. I told him what i wanted and he immediatly said "well come around back and we'll get it over with" His name was Gregory and he was such a sweetie. I chose my retainer which was black and small so I could hide it. I don't know what it's made of because even though Greg was sweet he loved to talk so I kinda just tuned him out for a bit while he was talking which is a bad idea because I should've listened in case he said something extremely important. He told me to sit upright in the chair (the place was pretty clean compared to where I got my tongue pierced...the place where I got that done closed down a month later due to sterilization problems). He cleaned out my nose, marked the spots, and told me to sit really still. I asked if it would hurt and he said "just a bit". I held my sisters hand because I needed something to hold onto. I sat there with a cork up my nose looking stupid and then all of a sudden i felt a sharp pain in my septum. My eyes were tearing up and it took forever to get the needle through. It took like 2 minutes to get the needle through and I must note THAT I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN MORE PAIN IN MY LIFE!!! It hurt so much and when I thought it was over he told me he still had to stick in the black retainer I had chosen. I was going to die right there because I just wanted it to end right there. As he was sticking the retainer through tears just bolted down my face and I could no longer keep my eyes open from the pain. Even though I couldn't see my bedbuddy over there in the corner I knew he was laughing at the facial expressions I had been making the whole time. My older sister was just in awe at what I was doing. Hell I was holding her hand and I didn't even squeeze it like I wanted to. I was too concentrated on the pain to notice that I had still been holding her hand. Putting the retainer in took forever it seemed and I was in too much pain to complain about it right then. He was twisting it around inside my nose and that was EXCRUTIATING. Finally he said he was done and handed me a tissue to wipe my eyes and face for that matter. We went over the aftercare procedure...I handed him the $55 and left. It looks a bit crooked but the guy said if I kept it flipped up for awhile it would straighten out. So it's been two days and cleaning it's easy I guess but does take some time. I've been hiding it from my father who would kick me out if he seen that because he already threatened to rip out my tongue ring. If I had known about the pain that I would be going through with this piercing I wouldn't have done it. But anyway besides that I love the piercing more than my tongue ring and am dying to stick a ring through it. I have a cold now so it's kinda hard to deal with and I keep rubbing my nose by accident which leads me to yelp in pain. So anyone who wants to get one should because you probably won't be in pain as much as I was and you'll love the way it looks afterward...but be warned you will be called a cow, a bull, something along those lines!!!


submitted by: xXborderlinexX
on: 24 May 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Gregory
Studio: Abstract+Tattoos
Location: Toronto%2C+Canada

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