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Brave septum

, I'm a girl, and I live in Brisbane Australia ... okay, now the introductions are out of the way I can get on with my story.

I got my septum pierced about 3 weeks ago. Before this I already had done (in this order) my tongue, my belly, scaffold (aka industrial), second tongue piercing. As I write this now I also have a daith piercing. That was done about 3 days after my septum but that's another story.

Since I've had the other piercings done I was getting the typical urge to have another one done and my brain was ticking over thinking what kind of piercing I should get next. As I'm soon to be a professional (I'll be working in the IT industry) all my piercings have to be the kind that I can hide.

For a while I'd been thinking how cool it's be to have my septum done. It's more of an 'out there' piecing than the typical ear, belly or tongue piecings. I'd been thinking that I might never be brave enough to do it, but I told my wonderful man about my thoughts and he encouraged me to do it.

So I thought, "Yes! I'm going to do it!"

I found a great place fairly close by where I live called Rings n Things that looked really clean and nicely looked after. I visited them and talked to the owner Stephanie and the apprentice Ian. They were both majorly friendly and chatted to me for about 2 hours!! I found out that they keep all their piercing jewellery in sterile packets which is great ... the place that I'd had my other piercings done keeps them all in a box that many grotty fingers go sorting through on a daily basis. I mean, they sterilise it all before they use it but still ... sterile packets is much better.

I made an appointment to get my second tongue piercing done (my friend Mungbean was going to come with me to get her second tongue piercing too) for the following weekend and the same day I'd get my septum done. I wanted to get it done that day, but they were waiting on the proper clamps to arrive.

The day of the second tongue piercing came and all went relatively well (that is a completely long and still, at this stage, unfinished tale) but the clamps hadn't arrived yet so I had to wait two more weeks it turned out to get my septum done.

So the great day arrived and I drove there making little excited squealy noises all the way. I was sat down and all the proper implements were laid out. Stephanie excitedly showed me the new clamps which were pretty cool. They'd been used only two or three times before me on some friends of theirs.

My nostrils were cleaned out with some stuff (which didn't smell at all I'm glad to say) and Stephanie apologised as she proceeded to stick her gloved fingers up my nose to find the best spot to pierce, but I damn sure didn't care because this was just one more process to go through to get close to having my excellent septum piercing!

She placed the clamps up my nose (my nose is very small so Ian stood behind me and held the tip of my nose up to make room for them, it must have looked pretty funny) and after making sure they were in the right spot and straight etc, she got the needle ready to stick me. She told me to take a deep breath and to exhale slowly.

I took the deep breath and just as I started to exhale she pushed the needle through. I exhaled really fast because it hurt a fair bit. It was a rather strong, clean pain, if that makes any sense to anyone. The plastic tube was snipped, the clamps were taken off, and she started to put the jewellery though, Ian meanwhile still holding the tip of my nose upwards. Putting the jewllery in was probably the most fiddly part of it (since I'm so tiny with the nose to match) but once that was in there was no pain at all!

I had a look in the mirror and it was so freaky! For a moment I thought "Man, what HAVE I done?!?" but then I started to realise what a cool thing this was going to be.

Ian played around with the circlip pliers to widen the circular barbell for me a bit so I could try turning it up into my nose and eventually it was wide enough to turn it up. Ian told Stephanie to come have a look because it looked like I hadn't even been pierced it was hidden so well. Turns out later that Steph thought I was pretty brave playing around with it so soon after the actual piercing, but really it didn't hurt at all!

Anyway, I turned it down again because I wanted to show off my new piercing.

I went home (sneaking peeks in the rear vision mirror all the way home) and showed my wonderful man my two lovely silver snots hanging out of my nose. I think he might have been as surprised as I was at the look of it, but he never said a bad word.

As soon as it's healed (only one week to go!!!) I'll be getting a lovely 16 gauge captive bead ring to wear in it. The 14 gauge looks a little heavy for my little face. I think 16 gauge will look just about perfect.

Most of my friends and none of my family know about my septum piercing yet. This one was just for me. Maybe I got it to prove that I'm brave enough to do it and wear it. That could be one reason. Other than the main reason that I'm totally addicted to body piercing and I love the look of it.

So if any one of you reading this are considering the septum piercing ... go for it!! It's given me no trouble at all (except for one day it was a little tender but I gave it a good salt bath and it was right as rain 24 hours later).

My suggestion in regard to cleaning it is to use only salt water and no harsh chemicals. The skin in your nose is pretty sensitive and that stuff will sting!!

Now go poke more holes in yourselves!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Feb. 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Stephanie
Studio: Rings+n+Things
Location: Darra%2C+Queensland%2C+Australia

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