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My Pretty Nose

wanted my nostril pierced for such a long time, probably about 10 years but I always mananged to disuade myself with some excuse about it not looking very respectable for work, (I am a receptionist in a hospital). I had made an appointment before but I got cold feet on the day and didn't go. I kicked myself for ages afterwards but it still took another 2 years to get organised to go for it. One of the older woman at work was determined to get her nose pierced so I decided if she could so could I, However as it turns out she chickened and I ended up going myself. I finished work one Saturday afternoon and went straight to the Body Piercing Studio in Aberdeen. When I got there I was really nervous but I was totally syced for it so in I strode. I just stood there for a minute taking it all in, When a girl asked me could she help me I stammered and gasped a bit before i said, Yes i would like my nose pierced. The girl called on Michelle, through came this giant of a woman, who had more piercing than I have ever seen on anyone, way too many to count right off but not at all intimadating looking as she should have been and she had a lovelty manner, She really explained it all to me, about using a needle and no anisthetic (which i already knew). After the chat with the piercer I discovered that they had no studs in stock and that they would have to fit a hoop, now I thought I might get away with a stud but on the front desk there was no way I could wear a hoop. So I arranged to go back the following week and have it done. I was so disappointed, I had been so ready for it and now...... disaster. Man, there was no way I could wait another week to get it done, I needed it done right now. I knew that if I waited I would chicken out and not get it done and I so wanted it. i almost stood outside the shop stamping my feet, LOL. Then I realised that the Tat. studio not far from where I was probably did piercing too, so off I went. When I got there it was full of people and I almost bolted but I went in and tried to look as if I felt comfortable there. Turned out that most of the people were waiting for others so there really wasn't a long queue. The piercer was in the middle of a large tattoo though and I had to wait about and hour for him to finish but wait I did and used the time to pick out the tattoo I want to get next year. Out he came after what seemed like forever and said "Who's for piercing?" by this time there were about 8 people waiting for piercings but I had waited the longest so I got to go first. I hopped up into the chair trying not to look as terrified as I felt. The piercer showed me what types of studs he had and I chose a small stud with a blue stone. Then he got out the gun, which surprised me cause I had expected him to use a needle (as had been explained to me in the piercing studio). He cleaned my nose with antispetic wipes and put on some gloves, marked the spot with a pen and got me to check it, it looked fine. "Take a deep breath." he said. He put the gun in position and I clenched my fists in anticipation of the terrible trauma about to occur to me. And bang it was done. he handed me a tissue and said "Your eyes will water." And that was it. The whole thing couldn't have taken 2 minutes and I didn't feel anything more that a sting. Its been a month now and all is well. It was really swollen for a couple of days but since then no problems at all, except i lost the stud after about a week but I put in a new one and its been great since. I was really very good about cleaning it for the first 2 weekd but now i am a bit lax with it but no problems, It bled a wee bit a few days ago btu thats cause i took it out and then had a shower and it was a little covered over inside when i shoved the stud back in. I get some funny looks from people at work but I love it. I am hoping to find the courage for a Horizontal Hood next, I'll let you know if I do, hehe.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Dec. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Richard
Studio: Richard%27s+Tattoo+Studio
Location: Aberdeen%2C+Scotland

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