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My beautiful nostril piercing (first piercing ever at 17)

how do I start? My dad had promised that he would let me pierce my nostril for a Christmas present a couple months ago. The trouble we went through to get to this day was a bit more than most people would expect: I had to call my cardiologist (I have heart problems) and check with him to see if it was okay, since several years ago I couldn't even get my ears pierced. He was reluctant (he just didn't like the idea of a NOSE RING) but said he couldn't say no, 'coz I'm about as healthy as I'll ever be. He just told me I would have to be careful to clean it well and take my medicines. Before even talking to the doctor I had to convince my parents I was responsible enough and remind them that I had been stuck with needles enough times to know how it feels and how to keep it clean. My mom wouldn't listen to it, and she has no clue my dad and I planned this. I know she's going to be pissed off but I think she'll get used to it. I asked around school and all my friends said that Urban X-change was a great place to go to for a body piercing because they're very clean and they have a separate room for piercing. My friend Angela got her tongue pierced there about a week ago and she said the people were really nice. So that's where I decided to go. I just got this done today. My dad and I drove up to the mall about 10:00 (to beat the early Christmas shoppers) and well what do you know? They check your I.D. to not only check that you're over 18 (which I'm not), but to prove your relationship with the adult with you, and stupid me - I forgot my I.D. My dad got so mad at me he stormed out of the store and I followed him, angry 'coz I didn't know they did that. He said he wasn't going to go back but a few minutes later he changed his mind and drove me home to get my I.D. and we went back to the store. I was kind of nervous but excited because this is like the most extreme thing I had ever done. There I had to sign some form and my dad had to sign as well (since I'm underage), then we paid for it and all that good stuff. I was led into the "piercing room" as they call it, and sat down in one of those seats that you see in a dentist's office. Trish (the artist) cleaned off the tray, the tools and then washed her hands and put on a pair of gloves. My dad was eyeing every move she made with an eagle's eye. She was very nice and relaxed and told me what she was going to do and how the piercing was going to go in. She handed me a paper towel and said "for your eyes, 'coz they might tear up." Then she used a non-toxic pen to mark the spot where she was going to put the hole. She put a clamp on my nose and told me I was going to feel a tickle then a pinch. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and felt the tickle, then the needle going through. It hurt a lot less than I expected and my left eye only teared up a tiny bit; I didn't even have to use the paper towel. I then gritted my teeth as she proceeded to put in the ring and turned it so the ball was inside my nose. That was painless but I could feel the ring sliding as she twisted it. She cleaned up my nose with a few cotten swabs, 'coz I bled a little and she had to clean that off with more of the solution. And it was over! I was given aftercare instructions and told that after about 2 months (when it would be healed), I could replace the ring with a stud or whatever I wanted. My dad was still sort of in the pits after that, he wouldn't really talk to me and when he looked my way, he'd smirk and shake his head as if to say "I can't believe I let you do this." I know that he's worried what my mom will say because when I told her I wanted to pierce my nose she kinda blew up. Oh well, I am excited about my new piercing, I can't wait to go to school and show all of my friends. They didn't believe me when I told them that I was going to pierce my nose, probably because I'm not the type to do anything like that - I'm kind of quiet and bookish. But I guess I'll show them, huh?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Nov. 1999
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Trish
Studio: Urban+X-change
Location: Newport+News%2C+VA

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